In commercial facility

Commercial facility. Information can be provided and PR for customers by using the facility usage guide, and it can also be used for spatial presentation. We propose a system that can be easily and conveniently operated for schedule management and remote control. simple signage

Simple signage

A simple signage service based on the concept of “connect”, “spread” and “help”. Signage settings are OK even from a smartphone. PowerPoint and processed photos taken with smartphones can also be used as signage content.

In store signage

It is a system with a proven track record that has been introduced by a large-scale consumer electronics retailer. It is possible to manage multiple stores collectively.

Large vision

A large number of installation results as a vision transmission system in major cities nationwide


In addition to digital signage display based on a simple schedule, various configurations are possible, such as receiving control from external devices and interlocking with a touch panel system.

Dining room / Food court

You can display electronic menus such as daily set menus, set menus, standard menus, and halal menus in the employee cafeteria that can accommodate multinational and diversified employees. You can quickly respond to situations such as sold out with the push of a button.