In a general company

Improving customer satisfaction through employee training, improving employee motivation, etc. By using video in various scenes, it is possible to improve corporate value, comply with laws and regulations, and improve productivity to respond to work style reforms. You can utilize the video system of MEDIAEDGE in the field.

In-house event distribution

In-house notifications can be broadcast live to the entire company, and information such as factory operation status can be displayed in real time.

Video sharing

Live video and recorded video can be distributed via the Internet to specific people in a limited state. Unlike services such as YouTube that anyone can see, for example, it is possible to publish only within a company.

Company event recording

You can record seminars and events held in your company and watch them using video on demand on your computer or TV.

Dinning room / food court

You can display electronic menus such as daily set menus, set menus, standard menus, and halal menus in the employee cafeteria that can accommodate multinational and diversified employees. You can quickly respond to situations such as sold out with the push of a button.