In the local government

Cable TV, which plays a more important role than the metropolitan area as an "information lifeline" in the region, transmits various information, relays events, emergency disaster information, etc. The MEDIAEDGE system makes it possible to convey real-time information to many people in the region. Simultaneous recording is also possible, so rebroadcast is possible.

Simple sinage

A simple signage service based on the concept of “connect”, “spread” and “help”. Signage settings are OK even from a smartphone. PowerPoint and processed photos taken with smartphones can also be used as signage content.

Event broadcast / recording

Simultaneous recording is possible while relaying the event on the network. It is possible to deliver in real time to people who cannot attend the venue by live event broadcasting.

Disaster relief

It is possible to monitor the situation of rivers, volcanoes, snow, waves, etc. with live video, broadcast it on your own channel or municipal channel, or record it to verify the situation.