Value For Vertical Markets



College, High School, Manufacturing Plant, Corporate HQ, Hospital, Convention Center, etc.

Multi Site

Franchises, Dealerships, Retail, Clinics, Hotel, Auto Service, Chain Restaurants, etc.

Single Location

Barber Shop, Beauty Salon, Restaurant, Small Retail, Single Dealership, Veterinarian, Dentist, etc.


Agriculture can encompass places like a greenhouse, tractor dealership, feed and seed store, farm and ranch retailer, local farmers co-operative, landscape company, roadside stand, farmers market, or even agritourism site. In agriculture two words that come to mind are “choice” and “education.” Few industries offer so many choices or have as great a need for education due to the options and specialized knowledge required. Not only in what to grow but the specific variety. Whether commodities or animals there are highly specific nutrients, timelines, medicines or chemicals to consider. Not to mention specialized equipment. Agriculture requires planning, purchasing, equipment, operations, monitoring, marketing, contracts, maintenance, etc. In the highly complex world of modern agriculture, it is impossible to provide too much information or education. In-facility screens are ideal for engaging, informing, educating, and influencing viewers at the point-of-decision. Most people known how to use QR codes and that allows in-facility screens to be linked to social media, secure coupons, or download product datasheets. 

Airport Bus Train

In the realm of digital signage, the transportation sector emerged as a pioneering domain for early system deployment. Virtually every adult has experienced the convenience of screens displaying real-time arrivals and departures in airports, bus stations, or train stations. MEDIAEDGE Digital Signage was specifically crafted to provide reliable information precisely when and where it’s needed. In environments where information rapidly evolves, such as transportation hubs, digital signage emerges as the most practical and efficient means of dissemination. Its inherent flexibility to display HTML content, coupled with advanced “Auto Update” capabilities, renders it perfectly tailored for such applications. By seamlessly integrating technology with the dynamic needs of transportation, MEDIAEDGE Digital Signage ensures that travelers remain informed, enhancing their overall experience and facilitating smoother transitions throughout their journey.


Athletic stadiums facilitate serving some of the largest crowds possible. Displays are a key part of serving these individuals. MEDIAEDGE Video Distribution solutions are ideally suited to distribute video to many screens in perfect synchronization even across large distances. As visitors are entering information screens can provide instructions or warnings. Wayfinding screens to direct people to their seats, restrooms, concession stands, medical treatment, or other services are almost essential in huge multi-level spaces that accommodate tens of thousands. Then there are the VIP skybox suites, concession stand menu boards, jumbotrons, scoreboards, and of course screens to run sponsor ads. The great thing about our digital signage is the screens do not typically need constant internet connection to run scheduled programming so if the network goes down during an event, most capabilities are retained. We can also divide the screen area so one region displays the live game while other regions provide information. This is helpful to keep people in line at the concession stand when the game resumes after a stoppage. We can also provide slow-motion video for broadcasts and highlights captured by QDCAM to engage viewers


Finance is complicated. Many customers are simply not aware of the full range of services offered by their bank. They may be intimidated to even ask. MEDIAEDGE Digital Signage for banks is a powerful tool for educating viewers and creating curiosity that leads to the sale of additional services that benefit the customer and help the bank grow. They are also a great way that banks can help promote their customers’ businesses and we know that when a customer’s business grows it creates more opportunity for everyone. More loans not only to the commercial customer but more jobs for people who will also need banking services including mortgages for homes or car loans etc. Banks also typically sponsor many local organizations like schools and in-bank signage can help showcase the ways the bank supports the local community which increases loyalty and brand preference for the bank. Modern weatherproof screens also enable placing screens in drive-thru lanes which can engage, inform, educate, influence, and entertain people while they are waiting in line in their cars.



Unlike conventional solutions that often rely on simple looping players, MEDIAEDGE stands out by comprehensively understanding broadcast principles, which has informed the design of systems tailored for broadcasters’ needs. This unique approach allows users to schedule specific content to play at precise dates, times, and durations, ensuring optimal audience engagement. With a deep understanding of broadcast standards, it’s no surprise that many cable TV systems, infomercials, and OTT channels operate on MEDIAEDGE technology. Unlike flimsy, disposable players, our solutions are engineered for robust 24x7x365 operation, even in harsh environmental conditions, with numerous systems boasting uninterrupted functionality for over a decade. Beyond content scheduling, our platform supports both open and closed captioning, alongside offering sophisticated device control, network monitoring, and system management capabilities. This comprehensive feature set ensures seamless operation, enhanced accessibility, and unparalleled reliability for our users across diverse broadcasting environments.


Conventions present a unique market characterized by sprawling, often multi-story facilities, where visitors can easily get lost amidst the vastness. The imperative to effectively communicate changing information within such environments is paramount. MEDIAEDGE solutions address this challenge by simplifying content distribution across numerous screens, leveraging unique technology to synchronize multiple displays seamlessly. While each event may have distinct requirements, a common thread is the presence of sponsors seeking exposure. Our solutions facilitate the delivery of live or pre-recorded video, images, scrolling text, and HTML with live data, all scheduled or controlled remotely via various inputs such as barcode scanners or button boxes. With the ubiquitous use of QR codes and people’s familiarity with dual screening, information screens serve as an ideal conduit for distributing content directly to mobile devices. For exhibitors, our solutions offer a perfect platform for showcasing content on trade show booth screens, enhancing visibility and engagement within the bustling convention environment.


Communication is one of the most difficult things for large or growing organizations to do effectively. MEDIAEDGE solutions can help improve communication to employees, vendor partners, and visitors. Corporate HQ applications include welcoming visitors, training, motivation, human resources, live presentations, notification (including emergency, safety / security, and where appropriate community information. Typical screen locations are entrances, welcome centers, cafeterias, conference rooms, training rooms, call centers, sales offices, etc. Whether live or on-demand content management and delivery can be accomplished to a single screen, room, area, wing, department, or campus-wide. Our solutions can even be utilized to control devices and power them on or off via schedule. Influence Media Network OnView (powered by MEDIAEDGE) is the ideal campus content management and distribution solution. Scheduled, on-demand, live broadcast to all screens or a group of screens, recording important events, digital signage to motivate, viewing on any display – securely and with full content ownership and rights management as well as powerful system sharing including overlapping schedules with priority level playback based on the user who scheduled the content. Integration with room control systems, lighting, projectors, screens, bells and public address, even asset management from within the system is an option. HR need reports for what users have viewed content – that is possible too. To help IT staff manage the system there is even a ticket system to handle user requests. Organizations simply cannot invest in a more powerful or flexible system that can adapt to your unique needs.


For over two decades, MEDIAEDGE solutions have been at the forefront of powering education across America, spanning K-12, vocational, and college levels. Recognizing the shift towards instructional video in the digital age, our solutions cater to this preference by offering comprehensive content management, encompassing both scheduled and on-demand video distribution. With options for unicast and multicast streaming, users gain precise control over playback, allowing for tailored viewing experiences across individual screens, groups, wings, buildings, or entire grade levels. From daily announcements to training videos, documentaries to video conferencing, MEDIAEDGE serves as a versatile platform for educational content delivery. Beyond education, digital signage emerges as a potent tool for positive reinforcement, motivating individuals through recognition of accomplishments and wise choices. Private networks further enhance patron experiences by providing information, directions, improving safety, and supporting various extracurricular programs through fundraising initiatives. Influence Media Network’s OnView, powered by MEDIAEDGE, introduces advanced multi-user features such as content ownership management, dynamic multicast channels, and priority-based scheduling. Moreover, MEDIAEDGE Decoders facilitate content viewing across various devices, from desktops to smart boards, with optional encoders enabling archival of aging media and integration of security camera feeds. Whether a small school or a major university, MEDIAEDGE remains unmatched in its capability and versatility, offering the most powerful content management and distribution solution for educational institutions.


Government entities, tasked with serving diverse populations with a myriad of services, stand to benefit immensely from enhanced communication strategies. MEDIAEDGE Communication solutions offer invaluable support to national, state, county, and city governmental agencies alike. Leveraging the widespread adoption of QR codes, agencies can efficiently disseminate documents and information to citizens through information displays. Whether conveying community bulletin board updates, highlighting important dates and events, or promoting limited-time service offerings, MEDIAEDGE facilitates seamless content distribution. With Display Content Manager, agencies can efficiently distribute content within facilities, across municipalities, or globally via LAN, irrespective of internet speed, as content plays from local storage. Through a combination of video, images, HTML, and scrolling text, MEDIAEDGE empowers governmental entities to engage citizens effectively, providing vital information, education, and influence to foster informed and active communities.


In the realm of modern dealerships, effective communication with customers, especially during their visits to the showroom, is paramount. MEDIAEDGE Digital Merchandising solutions offer a comprehensive toolkit to address this need. Whether in the auto, boat, commercial construction equipment, heavy truck, motorcycle, outdoor power, RV, or tractor sectors, dealers share similar communication requirements. Many consumers remain unaware of the diverse array of products and services offered by dealerships today. Unlike in the past, where vehicle purchases were made at the dealership but accessories or customization were outsourced, dealerships now offer end-to-end solutions. Leveraging the potential of showroom spaces is crucial to educating potential buyers about new models, unique features, special offers, accessories, customization options, financing, insurance, extended warranties, and services. In-dealership displays serve as an opportune platform to engage customers when they are most receptive to offers and poised to make purchasing decisions. Moreover, these displays play a vital role in educating customers in the service department about preventative maintenance measures, such as radiator flushes or fluid changes, to mitigate future repair costs. Additionally, dealers can leverage their own network to eliminate competitive ads, offer advertising opportunities to customers, and showcase community event sponsorships, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and engagement. Through strategic utilization of digital merchandising screens, dealerships can maximize customer engagement, drive sales, and foster stronger community ties.


Grocers face all the challenges of other retailers but have the added challenge of managing a large number of perishables. MEDIAEDGE Digital Merchandising solutions can help grocers of any size. Not only by featuring perishables to sell prior to expiration but also to help cross-sell and make suggestions for ideal parings. Data from other systems like scales could be utilized to display complimentary items. It is possible to utilize security cameras to change content displayed based on age, gender, or location within the store. We can also enable vendor ad slot assignment and updating. For grocers who desire a close community connection MEDIAEDGE can help establish partnerships with local schools to provide sports highlights to run on screens around items parents buy for team treats or game day. We can also enable area businesses ads running on a community bulletin board display that provides information. QR codes can deliver coupons, promote app installation, or enable download of nutrition information, recipes (complete with shopping lists and isle locations), etc. There may not be any other retailer where digital merchandising solutions deliver more value than in grocery due to the urgency created by perishables and the natural cross-selling opportunity that food and drink pairings make possible.


The term waiting room is associated with healthcare and anywhere people wait to be served is a great place to inform and educate. MEDIAEDGE Private Networks can make sure this opportunity is not missed. Frustration can be reduced with smart signage that lets people know approximate wait times. When waiting for a loved one to get out of surgery progress information can reduce stress. When people are in a healthcare facility it is the opportune time to provide health-related updates and make general suggestions for vaccinations, inform people that antibiotics don’t help viruses, encourage washing hands, etc. In physician offices the doctors can speak directly to people who are waiting about common concerns they are being asked about which saves time in the exam rooms. For specialized medical like chiropractic, orthodontic, rehab, nutrition, etc. where there might be optional services those can be offered. Upcoming wellness events can be promoted. Where appropriate the systems can even promote quality products or services that are relevant to patients and caregivers.


Community visitors often find themselves navigating unfamiliar territory when it comes to local businesses and services. This makes lodging establishments ideal venues for displaying advertisements from area businesses that cater to travelers’ needs. With MEDIAEDGE Digital Signage, lodging providers can seamlessly partner with restaurants, car service companies, entertainment venues, museums, retailers, and other tourist attractions to enhance the community’s potential with each visitor. By strategically showcasing these ads, lodging facilities not only assist travelers in discovering nearby amenities but also foster mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses. This collaborative approach not only enriches the visitor experience but also strengthens the local economy by promoting patronage within the community. Through MEDIAEDGE Digital Signage, lodging providers serve as valuable conduits for connecting travelers with the diverse array of offerings available in the area, thereby maximizing the overall impact of each visit.


Churches serve as multifaceted educational hubs, and MEDIAEDGE Private Network solutions offer tailored support to help them fulfill their mission effectively. With classrooms often present within church premises, on-demand video capabilities enable seamless lesson delivery. The Influence Media Network OnView content management system ensures precise control over content ownership and rights, making age-appropriate videos accessible to different small groups based on age demographics. Nursery workers benefit from large screens in nurseries, allowing them to care for infants while remaining engaged in worship. Optional encoders facilitate high-quality service recording, which can be rebroadcast through various channels such as local access cable TV, OTT channels, and social media platforms via scheduled programming. Information displays disseminate crucial updates and instructions to both visitors and members, enhancing communication within the church community. Members involved in facility security can watch services in hallways, while community information and event ads can be distributed to displays inside businesses owned by members, fostering outreach and fulfilling the Great Commission. MEDIAEDGE media players and Display Content Manager efficiently distribute sermons or teachings to remote locations, ensuring secure, reliable playback independent of internet connection. With encrypted transfer ensuring content security, MEDIAEDGE offers churches a secure, versatile platform for global video content distribution, requiring minimal operator expertise for setup and operation.


Safety, quality, and productivity are three pillars of manufacturing excellence. MEDIAEDGE Content Distribution solutions including OnView by Influence Media Network (powered by MEDIAEDGE) are the perfect solution for enabling on-demand and scheduled content delivery to hundreds or even thousands of screens in facilities that can literally cover hundreds of acres and be miles long with highly complex networks. Keep employees informed from the time they enter the facility, while they are moving through the plant or working on the assembly line, on breaks or during lunch, and in the group house or meeting rooms. Manufacturing plants can be some of the most challenging facilities to communicate effectively due to the sheer size under roof and number of employees – which can sometimes exceed the population of a small city. There are also challenges with synchronization of content, propagation of multicast across multiple switches or routers, control of screen power / volume / input when screens are difficult to access, longevity in harsh environments, controlling access to content, shared usage of screens, display of Andon visual management, bells, tones, public address, emergency notification with unique instructions based on screen location, etc. There simply is not a more capable solution for these challenging environments than OnView. Even better it is designed so it can be customized to fit your unique workflow rather than forcing manufacturers to adjust to the limitations of the system. We have years of experience providing solutions for thousands of screens in some of the largest manufacturing plants but our solutions can also sale to meet the needs of small manufacturers with just a few screens. Whatever your operation needs to communicate you can rely on MEDIAEDGE


Resorts possess a vast potential to optimize visitor experiences, and MEDIAEDGE Digital Signage emerges as a pivotal tool in harnessing this potential. Beyond showcasing the food, services, and entertainment options inherent to resorts, digital signage extends its reach to promoting spa treatments, excursions, and supporting leased shops. Moreover, it facilitates securing recurring revenue from local businesses catering to tourists without competing directly. Through strategically placed screens, resorts can disseminate event information, promote seasonal highlights to drive future bookings, and enhance visitor engagement. QR codes further enhance the interactive experience by enabling the delivery of coupons, facilitating direct ordering, document downloads, or linking to social media platforms and additional resources. The versatility of digital signage allows for its deployment throughout the resort facility, extending even to off-site locations where visitors may be drawn from. By leveraging MEDIAEDGE Digital Signage, resorts can amplify the value proposition for guests, enriching their stay experience while simultaneously maximizing revenue opportunities and fostering partnerships with local businesses.


Over the last couple of decades museums have realized the power of video to engage visitors and ensure the maximum number of visitors can learn and experience what the museum intends. MEDIAEDGE content management and distribution solutions are ideally suited for facilities that need consistent and reliable operation with the ability to change content as needed. MEDIAEDGE decoders, encoders, and transcoders are simply the most reliable appliances for continuous operation and in most cases network traffic only occurs during updates so even if the network goes down the content will continue playing from local storage on media players until the schedule expires. Solutions that depend on the network can result in all screens going dark at once and staying down until network is restored. MEDIAEDGE content distribution solutions not only run content on a scheduled basis, but they can also control devices on a scheduled basis. This means if you are using commercial screens the MEDIAEDGE schedule can power the screens on and off, select the appropriate input, adjust the volume, etc. Status monitor enables operators to know if there is a problem with playback, if HDMI connection is lost, if screen power is lost, what specifically is playing on any screen at any time, and more as well as notifying someone via email when it detects an issue. If there is a corrupt file or other error, it can even be programmed to play default content, so the screen doesn’t go dark. If you want to have the assurance that when you open the doors your digital displays will be playing the content they should be day in and day out you couldn’t invest in a solution that would give you more peace-of-mind than MEDIAEDGE.


Signs have long been tools employed by retailers to influence shoppers to make unplanned purchases. With MEDIAEDGE Digital Merchandising solutions there are significant advantages over static signage. High traffic areas within any retail space are traditionally where retailers place fast moving items. Static print signage can consume the same space as digital signage but are limited to promoting a single product or service. Changing content requires considerable planning and time due to time required to print, ship, and install. With digital merchandising solutions multiple products or services can be promoted, and when the content changes it attracts viewer attention. Unique Quick Response (QR) Codes can be added for each item displayed and link the viewer to landing pages, social media sites, special offers, coupons, documents, program signup, videos, app download, or even enable direct purchase. Print signage simply can’t compete. If you are not using digital merchandising in your retail space, you are missing opportunities to engage and influence shoppers, increase average transaction size through cross-selling or impulse buys, increase followers, and improve loyalty. When you invest in MEDIAEDGE Digital Merchandising it is as if you expand your retail space so more products can be offered. Not only that it enables you to promote items that have slower turnover – maybe because they are located on low or high shelves in back corners most shoppers don’t visit. MEDIAEDGE can even incorporate security camera feeds with marketing content to help reduce shrinkage and deter thefts. It is even possible to change the content displayed based on shopper age, gender, or location in the store.


Today’s learners prefer video to text. MEDIAEDGE Content Distribution solutions are ideal for delivering video on-demand or scheduled display to classrooms. Whether integrated with Crestron, RTI, or similar room control systems, controlled via IMN OnView (powered by MEDIAEDGE), or even with a simple remote control – you can always ensure that training content displays when and where it is needed. Content can be delivered via flat panel screens, projectors, or to desktops. With MEDIAEDGE Encoders live broadcasts can be delivered to one or many screens. Encoders also enable recording for future scheduled or on-demand viewing.


In today’s pet healthcare landscape, the array of choices available rivals that of human health options. MEDIAEDGE Digital Merchandising solutions emerge as invaluable tools in informing and educating pet owners about products recommended by veterinarians for their animals. Moreover, veterinarians can unlock new revenue streams by partnering with animal healthcare companies to advertise products within their clinics. By offering ad space to quality, non-competitive local organizations providing products and services beneficial to pet owners, clinics can further enhance their revenue potential. In addition to disseminating product information, these systems empower veterinarians to share crucial information on topics frequently queried by pet owners. Through strategic utilization of MEDIAEDGE Digital Merchandising solutions, veterinary clinics not only improve client education and engagement but also cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with industry stakeholders. This collaborative approach ultimately serves to enhance the overall health and well-being of pets while optimizing revenue opportunities for veterinary practices.