At IBC 2022 in Amsterdam, MEDIAEDGE was proud to announce their QDCAM 240fps camera system is the first camera to be certified compatible with vMix broadcast production and streaming software. vMix software supports 240fps capture and slow-motion replay but until now there was no camera that enabled the full power of vMix recording and replays capabilities. The MEDIAEDGE QDCAM utilizes a global shutter sensor to eliminate rolling shutter distortion while providing uncompressed 12G FHD video at up to 240fps. QDCAM can also provide 100, 120, and 200fps capture rates in FHD or 60fps 4K video. The fanless box camera is ideal for hot and dirty environments typical in sports video production environments. Its MFT lens mount allows the use of a wide variety of high-quality and affordable native MFT lenses from Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, and others plus the adaption of many different lenses including Arri PL, C-Mount, Canon EF, Leica M, Leica R, Minolta MD, Nikon F, Nikon G, etc. There is no more affordable or capable option for the capture of true slow-motion video in live broadcast production than QDCAM. With the optional QDVS system, QDCAM becomes an event highlight production and monetization. Anyone who hosts sports events now has a powerful and affordable solution to increase engagement and improve the monetization of live events. MEDIAEDGE decoding, encoding, and transcoding technologies can also distribute live or highlight video clips via LAN or the internet to digital signage media players. Visit to learn more.

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