On cable TV / OTT

MEDIAEDGE's video transmission system MEDIAEDGE-APM is a system made entirely in Japan that has been adopted by more than 200 companies nationwide, including cable TV stations and local government broadcasters. It maintains consistent operability from the SD era to 4K, and is a user-friendly transmission system that can be put into actual operation immediately without the need for new training even if the broadcast format changes.

Program transmission

Not only can you build an HD transmission system at low cost, but you can also seamlessly transition to a 4K video transmission system.

4K Program transmission

It is possible to build a 4K video transmission system at a low cost.

Event information

You can display information such as condolence information, event information, and city administration announcements according to the schedule.

Disaster relay / information

It is possible to monitor the situation of rivers, volcanoes, snow, waves, etc. with live video, broadcast it on your own channel or municipal channel, or record it to verify the situation.

Mini converter

It is possible to connect diversifying video sources such as personal computers, mobile phones, and smartphones to existing broadcasting facilities.

IP video transmission

Local events such as cherry blossom festivals, moon viewing, and Bon Odori can be transmitted using internet lines, and the images can be used for tourism PR and attracting customers at stations.