Base Unit

optical transmission equipment

This optical transmission device also supports QDCAM. This base unit ME-BXC-BU100/100T is used with the camsight unit ME-BXC-CU100/100T to transmit signals via an optical camera cable. By using it in combination with QDCAM, it is possible to perform transmission that eliminates imaging timing deviations due to differences in cable length. It can also be used as a general-purpose optical transmission device.

ME-BXC-BU100 (LEMO connector)

Model number: ME-BXC-BU100

ME-BXC-BU100T (Tajimi Connector)

Model number: ME-BXC-BU100T


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Optical transmission system using SMPTE optical camera cable

It is possible to broadcast sports in stadiums and arenas.

Base unit ⇐ Camsite unit

・Reference sync signal (BB or 3-level sync)
・Camera control signal (RS-422 communication)
・Platform head control signal (RS-232C communication)
・Tally signal


Base Unit ⇒ Camsite Unit

・Uncompressed 4:2:2 10bit video signal
・Camera status signal (RS-422 communication)
・Platform head status signal (RS-232C communication)

New sync system

Synchronize the exposure timing of multiple cameras. This optimizes multi-view video and video from multiple cameras for sports judgment. (Japan Patent No. 6635635)

Power supply to camera

Power can be supplied to QDCAM via a communication cable. (Maximum 13W)

Base unit (ME-BXC-BU100/BU100T)

Compatible optical camera cable SMPTE 311M camera cable (SMPTE 304 connector)
Optical camera cable with OPS2401-P plug
OPS2403-J jack manufactured by Tajimi Electronics Co., Ltd.
Optical signal output Wavelength 1310nm Light level -9 to -3 dBm
Class 1 laser product
optical signal loss 7dB or more
camera control signal RS-422 communication baud rate 115,200bps
External device control signal RS-232C communication Baud rate 115,200bps or less
Camera side power supply output DC48V max 0.8A
Power-supply voltage DC12V-17V
power consumption 17W (excluding camera side power supply and remote control power supply power)
Max. 60W (including camera side power supply and remote control power supply power )
operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
operating humidity 30% to 90% (no condensation)
mass 1.60kg
Size 200mm(W) x 200mm(D) x 42mm(H) (excluding protrusions)

Multi-view images in sports arenas, etc.

The optical cable enables long-distance transmission, and the imaging timing of all cameras is perfectly matched, so you can switch between cameras without any discomfort.

Multi-view video

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