Display Content Manager

Content management software for digital signage

This is Windows-compatible digital signage management software that can collectively manage, layout, schedule, and distribute content such as videos and still images required for digital signage.

Model number: DCM-J

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Free layout creation is possible

Display Content Manager (hereafter referred to as DCM) is software that divides a single monitor screen into several sections and displays each content at an individual timing.

Main function


material Register video, image, telop, HTML, URI, RS-232C.
layout Specify the position and size of the material to be displayed.
playlist List the order in which the materials are played.
Schedule Specify the date and time to play. Seconds and days are possible.
target Perform group management and distribution management for each playback terminal.
Operation management Acquisition and control of terminal information, terminal monitoring, log acquisition
Signage display in HD or 4K is possible.

4K signage display compatible products that can be used with DCM USDP-R5000S


USDP-R1000 series

By linking with a news distribution server, it is possible to schedule distribution of the latest news content and signage advertisements.

Manage local program schedules

When using the MEDIAEDGE Cloud Service, you can manage signage schedules for multiple locations in remote locations using the Internet.

Scheduled delivery of live video with specified URI

By registering the URI of the encoder in the schedule, it is possible to display the live video at the specified time.

Operation form that does not require a server in combination with the cloud

By operating it in combination with the MEDIAEDGE Cloud Service, it becomes possible to eliminate the need for a server, reduce initial investment costs, and significantly shorten the period until operation. In addition, by increasing or decreasing the content capacity, it is possible to quickly respond to changes in the cloud capacity, enabling flexible operation according to the content and situation.

Terminal management function

Each terminal device can be monitored with the status monitor function. If the connection between the terminal and the cloud server is broken, you can also be notified by e-mail. In addition, the command channel for control can be used to schedule monitor power ON/OFF and volume control.

CPU Core i3 3GHz or higher recommended
HDD Installation folder 400MB or more free space required
Material folder 40GB or more recommended (more space required depending on operation)
memory 4GB or more required
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 2500 or higher recommended
DirectX9 compatible, VRAM 512MB or higher recommended
monitor SVGA (800 x 600) or higher required, FullHD (1920 x 1080) or higher recommended
DVD-ROM drive Required for software setup
network Recommended for 1000Base-T
OS Microsoft Windows11 (Pro, 64bit)
Microsoft Windows10 (Pro/Enterprise, 64bit)
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (Pro/Enterprise, 64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2022 (Standard/Datacenter, 64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 (Standard/Datacenter, 64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (Standard, 64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2012R2 (Standard, 64bit)

Compatible products


* DCM Express (free) that supports management of up to 10 units is also available. Please contact us for more information.

Configuration example

DCM console


Implemented daily display on the schedule screen. 8 days can be displayed on one screen.
Fixed a bug that could not be copied when specifying 24:00 at the end of the month in [Channel copy].
In scheduled operations, Undo is now a single operation.
The number of events is now displayed in the list at the bottom right of the schedule screen.
Implemented a function to disable material movement on the schedule screen. It can be set from [Edit] [Move Mode]. Prevents accidental click-to-move issues.
Improved the problem of delay in playback start. If the length of the schedule and the length of the playlist are the same, it will not read ahead.
[Schedule Search] and [Schedule Availability Check] now perform searches as soon as they are opened.
Added “Copy selection to clipboard” function in [Find schedule] and [Check schedule availability].
Find Schedules now also allows command schedules.
You can now select multiple replacement sources when replacing [Find Schedule].
Screen movement in the DCM console is now slightly faster.
The target screen now shows the number of clients in the group.

status monitor


[Control][Volume Management] function has been added.
You can now display two or more playbacks in [Playback Status], [Playback], and [Text].
Added [Playback Status], [General], and [FAN].
Fixed a bug that “SDI output” in [Setting display] and [Video output] was not displayed.
Mute status is now displayed in [Settings], [Playback], and [Volume (left/right)].
[Transfer Status] and [Storage File] have been added.



I put together what was divided into folders.


DCM Express

About DCM Express

「DCM Express”teeth,10You can manage up to 1 terminal for free “DCMis a free software based on computer1You can install it on the table and use it. (DCMYou cannot use cloud mode or server & client mode supported by . )

DCM Express Feature Comparison Table
Display Content Manager
Number of management terminals Unlimited
action mode Standalone cloud server & client mode
support Free support for 1 year
DCM Express
price free
Number of management terminals Below 10 units
action mode Single unit
support None (1 year support available with support option purchase)
DCM Express Support Option (1 year)

Please use it when you want to receive support such as inquiries about installation, settings, etc. when using DCM Express.
[Model number] ME-SPO-DCM