Hard disk built-in live encoder

Model number: ME-CLEB-P4-H

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Video and audio can be recorded in the built-in storage at the same time as live streaming distribution of full HD video via HDMI input, and loop recording can be performed by setting a period within the storage capacity, enabling high-definition video monitoring. , can be widely used in recording applications.

Live streaming and simultaneous recording possible

Video can be streamed to MediaEdge playback equipment such as MEDIAEDGE-Decoder and recorded on the internal hard disk drive (effective capacity 1.8TB) at the same time.

Supports automatic upload of recorded files to FTP server and MMDS server

Recorded files can be automatically uploaded to an FTP server or MEDIAEDGE Multi-Device Server (MMDS). The recording file format supports MP4 and MPEG2-TS formats, and loop recording is possible by setting the storage period within the effective capacity of the internal HDD. continuous recording. The MPEG2-TS format enables seamless playback of continuous files.

Dual stream function and delivery method support both RTMP and RTP/RTSP

Simultaneous stream delivery of two streams is possible, and it also supports the RTMP method that can use delivery services such as YouTube and MEDIAEDGE cloud service (MMDS cloud). The input video can be delivered to the playback device with RTSP and simultaneously delivered to the YouTube video sharing service with RTMP.

*In the case of dual stream, the recording function is disabled.

Used in various fields for video transmission and loop recording

It can be used in a wide variety of fields, such as live event video distribution and recording, line monitoring and recording of production equipment in factories, and disaster prevention monitoring of rivers and ports.

front panel

①USB3.0 terminal Connect a USB memory or USB external disk.
②USB2.0 terminal Connect USB peripherals such as keyboards and mice.
③Power switch A switch that turns the power ON/OFF.
④Microphone input terminal we will not use it.
⑤ Headphone jack we will not use it.

rear panel

①HDMI output terminal HDMI terminal for outputting the operation screen of CLEB-P4.
②Analog RGB output terminal we will not use it.
③LAN terminal Gigabit Ethernet terminal for connecting to the network.
④USB2.0 terminal Connect USB peripherals such as keyboards and mice.
⑤ DC power supply input terminal Connect the DC output terminal of the included dedicated AC adapter.
⑥HDMI output terminal This is an HDMI terminal for pass-through output of video for encoding.
⑦HDMI input terminal HDMI input terminal for inputting video for encoding.

Technical specifications

picture HDMI (Type A, 19 pin)
1280×720/50p 720×480
/59.94i 720×576
audio superimposed on HDMI
48kHz Stereo 16bits
44.1kHz Stereo 16bits
32kHz Stereo 16bits
delivery RTMP, RTP/RTSP
recording Recording on built-in storage (file format MP4, FLV, MPEG TS) Supports loop recording with an effective capacity of 1.8TB
*However, regular restarts are required for long-term continuous operation.
Encoding specification
video H.264
Baseline, Main, High
up to 40Mbps
Up to 1920×1080
audio AAC
Up to 512kbps
Up to 2 channels
File MP4/Flash Video(flv)/MPEG-TS
External dimensions 200(W) x 250(D) x 78(H) mm (excluding terminals and protrusions)
mass 1.91kg (excluding AC adapter)
Power-supply voltage Input: AC 100V to 240V (50Hz/60Hz) 2.5A (max)
Output: DC 19.5V 9.23A
Input: DC 19.5V 9.23A
Normal operation: 60W
RoHS correspondence
temperature conditions 0℃~50℃
humidity conditions 10 to 90% RH (no condensation)

*Please note that specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.

operating instructions

MEDIAEDGE-CLEB P4-HDMI Instruction Manual

Instruction manual/MEDIAEDGE

Delivery specification

MEDIAEDGE-CLEB P4 HDMI Delivery Specifications

Delivery specifications/MEDIAEDGE