MEDIAEDGE Encoder K1000H

H.264 compatible video encoder

Model number: ME-ENC-K1000H

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This product is a video encoder that can input HDMI signals from cameras/decks, etc., compress them into H.264 format video and AAC format audio, and distribute them to networks. It also supports SRT, the latest transmission format, and provides secure and stable communication such as communication encryption and retransmission in the event of packet loss.

Live broadcast delivery of high-quality video

By linking with MEDIAEDGE Server and MEDIAEDGE IP Transponder, MEDIAEDGE-Decoder and USDP series MediaEdge players can stably stream high-quality video.

Supports the latest streaming protocol “SRT”

It supports the next-generation transmission protocol “SRT”, which achieves a high level of network correction in preparation for packet loss in a severe network environment. At the same time, it also supports encryption of stream data, providing secure and reliable communication.

Powerful encoding capabilities and wide range of bitrate settings

With the adoption of a high-performance chipset and the latest technology such as dynamic noise reduction and high image quality processing technology, it is possible to select a wide range of bit rate values. At low bitrates, the image quality at 1Mbps@720p and 1.5Mbps@1080p is greatly improved. In addition, state-of-the-art video buffering and FEC technology enable stable encoding with low latency. The bitrate adjustment value is 64Kbit/s to 40Mbit/s. The input signal corresponds to 59.94i (interlace) of general video equipment such as cameras.

Multiple stream output, custom overlay display function

It supports simultaneous output of multiple streams, the main stream supports resolution up to 1080p60Hz, and the sub-stream output resolution up to 720p60Hz.

In addition to the main RTSP stream format, you can select the 4 types of protocols listed on the right. He can stream in different protocols at the same time, and he can output multiple streams within the limits of his streaming capabilities.

Japanese text and graphic data can be overlaid on the encoding screen, and the display position and size can be adjusted.

Compact size & high cost performance

It has a compact design with a width of 13 cm or less and a depth of 9 cm or less. In addition, it is a fanless silent design. By thoroughly reducing costs, we have realized more functions than ever before at about half the price of conventional products.



Standalone operation as a live encoder

If you input the video to the Encoder K1000H and install the free software “VLC” on the PC, you can watch the video on the PC by network transmission by RTSP communication.
* Please use VLC 3.011 or later. VLC is free software and is not supported.

Can also be used as a live encoder for SNS distribution platforms

In addition to the RTSP method, it supports the most popular and versatile transmission methods such as HLS and RTMP. It can be used by many people with SNS video distribution such as YouTube.

Video input/output terminal HDMI input x 1
HDMI active pass-through output x 1
audio input terminal Stereo audio line-in x 1 (minijack)
network NetworkRJ-45 Ethernet
transmission protocol RTSP, TS-UDP, SRT-TS, HLS, RTMP
Video input resolution (HDMI) 1920x1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60Hz
1920x1080i 50/59.94/60Hz
1280x720p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60Hz
720x576i 50Hz/720x480i 59.94Hz
1280x1024p 60Hz/1024x768p 60Hz/ 800x600p 60Hz
The input signal (above) enters the front-end processor (below)
Front-end processor output resolution ● Use the video input resolution as is (no conversion)
Interlace is converted to progressive. 1080i60 ⇒ 1080p60
Convert to the following resolutions
1920x1080p 25/30/50/59.94/60Hz
1280x720p 25/30/50/60Hz
1440x900p 60Hz / 1280x1024p 60Hz
1026x768p 60Hz / 640×48
The output of the frontend processor (above) is input to the encoder (below)
encoding resolution ● Original size (using the output of the front-end processor)
● Converted to the following resolutions
: 1920×1080/ 1280×720/ 1024×576
960×540/ 854×600/ 800×480/ 720×576/ 720×480
frame rate
● FULL: Use the frame rate of the front-end processor as
it is ● HALF: Convert to half if the frame rate of the front-end processor is 50Hz or higher
● Custom: Convert to any frame rate (1 to 60)
video encoding Video format: H.264/ AVC High/ Main/ Baseline profile (up to Level 5.1), Motion-JPEG
Video bit rate: 64K~40Mbps
audio encoding Audio Format: AAC/G.711
Audio Bitrate: 16K~512Kbps Audio
Sample Rate: 8KHz~96KHz (rates other than 48K will increase CPU usage)
Audio Channels: Stereo/Monaural
I/O processing delay about 150ms
text overlay
Arbitrary Japanese text and images can be overlaid on the screen, and the display position and size can be adjusted.
Setting environment Set from a web browser (Chrome is recommended)
Power supply/power consumption Power supply/Power consumption DC 12V 1A (AC adapter) / 4W, AC side max 10W
External dimensions 125(W) x 89(D) x 28(H) mm (excluding terminals and protrusions)
mass Weight 380g (without AC adapter)
Operating temperature range Operating temperature range 0~40°C
Operating humidity range Operating humidity range 20 to 90% RH (no condensation)
Rackmount Kit MERMKMVP1U-A
model number JAN code price
MERMKMVP1U-A 4562393849209 16,500 yen (tax included)

operating instructions

MEDIAEDGE Encoder K1000S / K1000H Simple Instruction Manual

Instruction manual/MEDIAEDGE

MEDIAEDGE Encoder K1000S / K1000H Instruction Manual

Instruction manual/MEDIAEDGE

driver etc.

USB driver for MEDIAEDGE Encoder K1000 series

Driver etc./MEDIAEDGE

Delivery specification

MEDIAEDGE Encoder K1000H Delivery Specifications

Delivery specifications/MEDIAEDGE