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Encode the input video image to H.264 format in real time. An encoder that can stream to a network. It functions as a stream server by itself, and you can easily build a live distribution system by combining it with a client terminal such as MEDIAEDGE Decoder . It is also possible to operate as part of a video distribution system by linking with the MEDIAEDGE server (MEDIAEDGE-SVS4).

H.264 high-definition video distribution

Video input via the HDMI terminal or composite can be encoded in real time to the H.264 format and streamed.

Supports low latency mode

In low latency mode, the delay time between LEB Express2 and MEDIAEDGE Decoder is approximately 0.5 seconds.
Low-latency mode and normal mode can be switched using the Web Console settings.
In low-delay mode, there are restrictions on operation, such as only MPEG-1 Audio Layer2 for audio and only MEDIAEDGE Decoder for compatible devices .

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

FEC function

With the FEC (Forward Error Correction) function, it is possible to correct errors when data is missing or incorrect during distribution.

Web server function

Uses HTML menus to provide content menus for each terminal.
By combining with MEDIAEDGE Decoder , etc., you can build a live distribution system without using MEDIAEDGE-SVS4. In addition, it is possible to perform device settings, status monitoring, and firmware updates from a web browser.

Remote serial function

In combination with MEDIAEDGE Decoder , etc., the signal input to the serial port of the terminal can be output from the serial port via the network, and the signal input from the serial port can be output from the serial port of the terminal such as MEDIAEDGE Decoder .


Supports WOL (Wake On LAN). It is possible to start the device from the standby state via the network.


It comes with an SDK for developing software that can configure and search for devices, capture video and still images, and so on. *Playback terminal software ” MEDIAEDGESWT4 ” is required to
capture videos and still images . *Please use low-delay encoding with “disabled”.


It comes with a convenient tool software that detects MEDIAEDGE products using UPnP. Using this tool makes it easy to find network-connected MEDIAEDGE devices without specifying their IP addresses, so you can easily set up devices even if you do not know their IP addresses.

Comparison with LEB Pro2

LEB Pro2 Express2
Supports low latency
analog audio input
SDI input
Unicast number 16 1
Supports multicast
Bandwidth control
OSD indicates
Corresponding server MEDIAEDGE Server
Corresponding decoder MEDIAEDGE Decoder
* Supports low-delay mode
* Does not support low-delay mode
Compatible PC software MEDIAEDGE-SWT4
*Not compatible with low latency mode
Network I/F 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T, Ethernet/IEEE802.3 frame format compliant
Auto-negotiation support, full-duplex support
RJ45 modular jack x 1
HDMI input 1920×1080 59.94i/50i , 1280×720 59.94p/50p ,
720×480 59.94i/59.94p , 640×480 59.94p , 720×576 50i/
50p will be
digital audio input Stereo LPCM
* superimposed on SDI and HDMI signals
analog video input 720×480 59.94i(NTSC), 720×576 50i(PAL)
BNC (composite) x 1
analog audio input Stereo line input (unbalanced)
*When the source input is SDI/HDMI, it can be selected as an audio source instead of digital audio.
* Used as an audio source when the source input is composite input.
Pin jack (1 stereo system)
Serial port RS-232C
D-SUB 9 pin (male) x 1
USB port USB2.0 compliant Host port
USB type A x 1 (bus power 500mA[MAX])
Freeze AC adapter Input: AC100V (50Hz/60Hz)
AC adapter Output: DC 12V 3A (Max)
Main unit Input: DC 12V 2.6A (Max)
Main unit Standby mode: 0.2A
maximum power consumption Normal operation: 23W
maximum power consumption Standby mode: 3W
Operating temperature range: 5 to 40°C *No condensation
External size 215 (W) x 200 (D) x 40 (H) mm *Excluding protrusions
quality Approximately 1.9 kg (excluding AC adapter)
stream format ISO/IEC14496-10 (H.264/AVC) High Profile Level 4.0 compliant
1920×1080 59.94i/50i , 1440×1080 59.94i/50i ,
1280×720 59.94p/50p , 960×1080 59.94i/50i ,
720×480 59.94i , 720×576 50i
1920 × 1080 59.94i/50i:6Mbps~24Mbps(High Profile Level4.0)
1440 ×1080 59.94i/50i:5Mbps~24Mbps(High Profile Level4.0)
960 × 1080 59.94i/50i:3Mbps~24Mbps(High Profile Level4.0)
1280 × 720 59.94p/50p:4Mbps~24Mbps(High Profile Level4.0)
720×480 59.94i:3Mbps~10Mbps(High Profile Level3.0)
720×576 50i:3Mbps~10Mbps(High Profile Level3.0)
IBBP (normal delay mode) , PPPP (low delay mode)
MPEG-1 Audio Layer2, Dolby Digital (2ch) low delay mode supports only MPEG-1 Audio Layer2.
MP2: 32 (Mono)/64, 96, 128, 192 (Stereo/Mono)/256, 320, 384 kbps (Stereo)
Dolby Digital: 64, 96 (Mono)/128, 192
(Stereo/Mono)/256, 320 , 384 , 448kbps (Stereo)
*AGC function is always enabled
ISO/IEC 13818-1 + Amd3 compliant MPEG-2 transport stream (audio MP2)

Optional Accessories

Rackmount Kit ME-RMK-1UH-A
model number JAN code price
MERMK1UH-A 4562393849155 8,250 yen (tax included)
Rackmount kit ME-RMK-W1UH-A
model number JAN code price
MERMKW1UH-A 4562393849162 17,600 yen (tax included)

Mounting screws for 19-inch racks are not included.

operating instructions

MEDIAEDGE LEB Pro2/Express 2 Owner’s Manual

Instruction manual/MEDIAEDGE

MEDIAEDGE LEB Pro / Express SDK Manual

Instruction manual/MEDIAEDGE

Delivery specification

MEDIAEDGE LEB Express2 delivery specifications

Delivery specifications/MEDIAEDGE


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