4ch compatible HDMI streaming encoder

Model number: MS-SC6D0N4H

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An encoder that encodes a total of 5 channels of video sources, 4ch HDMI input and + 1ch composite screen (PGM) in real time, and distributes live video for using live distribution services that support RTMP format such as Youtube and Nico Nico Douga. You can use it as


Supports 4 channels in 1 unit

Equipped with 4 channels of HDMI interface. Audio can be selected from 2ch HDMI embedded audio or stereo analog line input.
* Operation may become unstable if the input signal is interrupted during operation or if the resolution or frame rate of the input signal changes.
In particular, if a signal other than the supported input resolution is input, the encoder must be restarted. Depending on the device on the video output side, such as a personal computer, the output signal may be unstable and an incompatible signal may be input. Turn on the power of the encoder after the signal is stably input to the encoder, or use a frame synchronizer that can stably input the resolution and frame rate before inputting the signal to the encoder. Please design so that the signal to be connected and input to the encoder is kept constant.

5 types of video sources in combination with PGM mode

Equipped with a multi-mode called “PGM” that uses 4-channel video sources and another 1-channel “PGM”. Five types of video can be used: “Full Screen”, “Quad View”, “Picture by Picture”, “Picture in Picture”, and “Loop”.

2 types for each channel Total 10 encoders built-in

Each channel has two encoders, and it is possible to set various encoding parameters and distribution destinations. This unit has a total of 10 encoders built-in, including 1-4 channel input sources and PGM.

PC not required Operation possible with this unit alone

By connecting a computer monitor, mouse, and keyboard, it is possible to perform all settings and operations of this unit without a computer.

OSD display

A 4-plane OSD layer is provided for each input channel, and text, date and time, and still images can be set individually.
*OSD is not displayed when using stream as video source on CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4. OSD can be displayed for PGM even when the stream is used as the video source.

Also supports receiving and displaying IP streams

By using it in combination with another SC6D0 series, it is possible to record and redistribute the sent stream.

Support recording

Video can be recorded by connecting a recording medium to the front USB3.0 connector.
*Because it is necessary to write the necessary data at the end of recording, recording will automatically end when the remaining capacity of the recording medium reaches 2GB. When using the recording function, secure enough free space for the expected recording time.

Supports NDI HX (optional feature)

SC6D0N4 HDMI has a trial version function that can operate as an NDI HX (H.264 format) encoder and decoder for only 30 minutes. By purchasing an optional license, you will be able to use it without the 30-minute limit.
*The NDI HX function is tested for connection compatibility using NDI Video Monitor. Please be sure to perform a preliminary connection test using the evaluation machine and trial version before purchasing.

Supported frame rate Up to 60/50 frames @ 1920x1080p × 5
(4 HDMI + 1 PGM total 5ch)
encoding mode Real-time hardware encoding
・H.264/AVC Baseline/Main/High Profile
・Maximum bit rate 64Mbps
Encoding supports progressive only. Interlaced video signals are encoded progressively. (Example: 60i → 30p)Audio
・Supported bit rate 32kBps to 384kBps
・Sampling rate 48KHz 16bit
input interface Video Input
HDMI x 4 Audio Input
3.5mm Phone Jack x 4
output interface Video Output (Progressive Output Only)
HDMI (Multi View / PGM) x 1
HDMI (PGM) x 1 Audio Output
3.5mm Phone Jack x 1
Supported input resolution 1920×1080 (60p/50p/30p/25p/24p/60i/50i)
1280×720 (60p/50p)
1280×1024 (60p)
1280×960 (60p)
1024×768 (60p)
800×600 (60p)
720×480 (60p/60i)
640×480 (60p)
720×576 (50p/50i)
*Please also check here
Supported encoding resolution Built-in downscaling function from minimum 160 x 120 to 1920 x 1080 (60p)
network interface Built-in RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
DCHP client function
Supported delivery protocols HLS(Pull) , RTMP/RTMPS(Publish)
RTSP over HTTP/UDP(RTSP elementary stream)
TS over UDP (Unicast) , TS over RTSP
SRT(Caller, Listener)
Supported recording format MP4/TS/AVI/MOV
others 2 types of encoding formats for
each channel Transmission to 2 locations per channel
RS-485 × 1 /RS-232C × 1
USB2.0 host × 1 (for keyboard and mouse)
USB3.0 host × 1 (for recording storage)
Supports recording, still image capture, distribution
PGM mode: full screen, 4 screen split, picture in picture, loop
power supply DC input 12V 2A (supplied from AC adapter)
Maximum power consumption About 19.5W

operating instructions

SC6D0N4 HDMI Instruction Manual

Instruction manual/MSelection

driver etc.

SC6 Series Device Finder

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SC6D0N4 HDMI / SC6D0N4 SDI Find Devices

Driver etc./MSelection

Delivery specification

SC6D0N4 HDMI delivery specification

Delivery specifications/MEDIAEDGE


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