Multi-network decoder/player

Supports reception and playback of live streams and playback of built-in content

Model number: MEUDR500H

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Main features of USDP-R500H

Perfect for live distribution Compatible with powerful network complement function “SRT”!
A lineup that can be selected according to the application
Also suitable for digital signage display
2K compatible
Stable operation, easy operation
Infrared receiver standard equipment
Supports external control

Perfect for live distribution Compatible with powerful network complement function “SRT”!

The USDP-R500H supports video reception using the SRT protocol in addition to RTP/RTSP distribution.
The SRT protocol is a protocol that incorporates the advantages of the UDP method, which has little delay, and the TCP method, which enables reliable transmission while checking the transmission and reception of packets. data can be transmitted while suppressing delay.

merit Demerit
SRT Retransmission is performed only when a problem occurs, so all data can be delivered properly while minimizing the delay time. nothing special
UDP Since the time required for transmission is short (excellent in real time), the delay time is short. Since there is no function to cope with loss during transmission, the image is distorted when packet loss occurs.
TCP All data can be delivered properly. Since it takes time for the data to arrive due to the operation of acknowledgment and retransmission, the delay time becomes long.


We recommend using it in combination with the latest SRT compatible model ” MEDIAEDGE Encoder K1000S ” or ” MEDIAEDGE Encoder K1000H “. By using the SRT protocol, you can improve resistance to network fluctuations.

Stable video transmission is possible

With SRT support, video transmission can be continued as much as possible even in environments where network communication speeds are unstable. In a test in which we connected a device that simulates a network failure, we were able to continue video transmission even when a 30% packet loss occurred, which would make it difficult to browse the website using a normal browser. .


A lineup that can be selected according to the application

The USDP-R500H has a lineup of two products, a model with 64GB SSD storage and a model without SSD storage.

Models with the necessary storage capacity for various purposes such as live streaming playback, playback of high-quality video content, schedule transmission, control playback using contact points, digital signage, etc. are available. You can choose.

Also suitable for digital signage display

The USDP-R500H has a function to lay out and display still images, videos, and telops. The layout and schedule of digital signage content can be managed via the network using our signage management software ” Display Content Manager (DCM) “. DCM can also be used for status monitoring, remote restart, and scheduled transmission of serial commands to RS-232C (*), making it easy to build a remotely managed digital signage system. *USB serial conversion cable is required.

You can use cloud services such as “Marcus,” which allows you to use content such as news and weather forecasts, and “Tit Sign,” which automatically generates signage content from what you post on Twitter, so you can enjoy more signage content. can be enriched.

2K compatible

Stable operation, easy operation

While adopting a powerful Intel-based CPU, we have adopted a dedicated system equipped with our own developed player software on a Linux-based platform. We have achieved stability that sets us apart from signage players using general-purpose PC platforms.

When changing the IP address, etc., you can use the infrared remote control to configure the network settings on the screen (*), so you can easily change the settings during installation or after installation. can be done.

*Optional infrared remote control is required.

Infrared receiver standard equipment

Infrared receiver
Dedicated remote control

The USDP-R500H has a built-in infrared receiver (*). By using the remote control, it is possible to switch the displayed live channel or switch the playback of registered content. In addition, by registering the remote control code to the external device, it is possible to control using the infrared remote control function from the external device.

*Optional infrared remote control is required.

Supports external control

RS-232C external control
Pioneer commercial DVD/LD compatible command
Network control by WebAPI

In addition to controlling external devices by sending scheduled serial commands (*), it is possible to control playback using some of Pioneer’s commercial DVD/LD compatible commands, so existing control controllers can be used. can be used to easily replace display equipment.
It is also possible to control from the network by WebAPI. If you need detailed information about these functions, please contact us using the inquiry form .

*USB serial conversion cable is required.

streaming playback
Live encoder compatible models ・MEDIAEDGE Encoder K1000S / MEDIAEDGE Encoder K1000H
Server / repeater compatible models ・MEDIAEDGE Server / MEDIAEDGE IP Transponder MK1 / MEDIAEDGE IP Transponder MK2
Supported protocol ・RTP / RTSP
・SRT (Supports Caller / Listener)
Content playback
movie Supports playback of video files compressed with H265, H.264 or MPEG-2.
(Restrictions on playable files vary depending on the content played at the same time and other conditions)ITU-T Rec. H.265 (ISO/IEC 23008-2 HEVC)
Maximum resolution: 1920×1080
Maximum bit rate: 20 Mbps
Maximum frame rate : 60p
Color space: 4:2:0
Color depth: 8bit
File format: m2ts, mts, mp4, movMPEG-4 AVC / H.264 (ITU-T Rec. H.264)
Maximum resolution: 1920×1080
Maximum bitrate: 40Mbps
Max Frame Rate: 60p
Color Space: 4:2:0
Color Depth: 8bit
File Format: m2ts, mts, mp4, movMPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-2)
Max Profile Level: MP@HL
Max Resolution: 1920×1080
Maximum bitrate:
35Mbps File formats: mpg, m2p, m2t
audio Supported video audio formats

MPEG-1 Audio Layer1, Layer2 (ISO/IEC 11172-3)
MPEG-2/4 AAC-LC (1 to 2ch)

Still image Still images can be enlarged or reduced to an arbitrary range and displayed.
JPEG (Exif)
jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp
telop Capable of displaying telops in Japanese and English. Text and background colors, font size, and scroll speed can be set for telops.
text (character code is UTF-8 or Shift JIS)
text, txt, rss, xml, rdf
SMILE Supports playback of playlists (a subset of SMIL2.0) created using “Display Content Manager” (sold separately, hereinafter referred to as DCM).
smil, smi, sml
HTML Equipped with a browser that supports HTML5.
(We do not guarantee that all HTML5 pages can be displayed correctly)Extension
html, htm, asp
network interface
Wired LAN 1000Base-TX
Ethernet/IEEE802.3 frame format compliant
Auto-negotiation support
Full-duplex support
1 x RJ45 modular connector
HDMI output HDMI Ver2.0, HDCP not supported, CEC(*), DeepColor not supported,
HDR not supported, color space RGB only
* Supported by USB CEC adapter
HDMI (Type A, 19 pin) x 2
1920×1080 60p/59.94p
1920×1080 59.94i
HDMI embedded audio (LPCM, 2ch, 48kHz)
Analog audio output Stereo line output (unbalanced)
3.5mm stereo mini jack x 1
10kΩ or more recommended
* MIC IN is not used.
Remote control
Infrared receiver Main unit front x 1
controller Dedicated infrared remote control (sold separately)
general purpose input/output
USB3.0 USB 3.0 compliant
Maximum load 900mA *Power supplied during shutdown
USB Type A ×2
USB2.0 USB 2.0 compliant
Maximum load 500mA *Power supplied during shutdown
USB Type A × 1
Installed model ・SSD equipped model
・SSD non-equipped model
internal storage Available area for content registration
・SSD equipped model
approx. 64GB (approximately 18 hours of video content can be registered at 8Mbps)
・SSD non-equipped model
Power-supply voltage Input: AC 100V to 240V (50Hz/60Hz)
Output: DC 12V 3.3A 39.6W (rated)
Weight: 100g
Normal operation (max, no USB load): 911mA
Shutdown (no USB load): 32mA
Normal operation (max, no USB load): 12.1W
Shutdown (no USB load): 0.48W
temperature condition 0~40℃
humidity conditions 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
RoHS correspondence
External size 129 (W) × 109.4 (D) × 34 (H) mm
*Excluding protrusions and VESA mount brackets
quality Approximately 0.6 kg (excluding AC adapter)

Supports direct reception of network cameras

Supported the network camera compatible function that directly receives images from network cameras of various companies. It is possible to receive network camera video directly, decode it smoothly at full frame, and output it from the HDMI or SDI terminal. This will expand the range of video utilization, such as recording video from network cameras with existing systems.

This product supports network cameras that support H.265 and H.264 streams.

Operation confirmed network camera

Manufactured by Panasonic Corporation AW-UE100K (SRT compatible) / AW-UE4
Made by JVC Kenwood Co., Ltd. KY-PZ400 (SRT compatible) (with restrictions*)
Sony Corporation BRC-X400 (SRT compatible) (Limited*)

* H.265/4K cannot be played

How to set the network camera

In order to receive the network camera stream with USDP-R500H, it is necessary to set the camera’s SRT/RTSP URI to USDP-R500H.
The SRT/RTSP URI differs depending on the network camera used, so please refer to the manual for each camera or contact the manufacturer.
We have confirmed the following settings for the cameras we have verified (there may be differences depending on the individual model number, so please check with the manufacturer if it does not work).

Manufactured by Panasonic Corporation For SRT srt://[ip address]:[port][?mode=listener&passphrase=xxxxxxxxx] For RTSP rtsp://[ip address]/mediainput/h264/stream_1 rtsp://[ip address]/mediainput /h265/stream_1
Made by JVC Kenwood Co., Ltd. For SRT srt://[ip address]:[port]/1[?mode=listener&passphrase=xxxxxxxxx] For RTSP rtsp://[ip address]/1

*If authentication is required, a description such as [user id]:[password]@[ip address] may be required. Please refer to the camera manual for details.

*Please make sure that the FW version of the camera is the latest version.

USDP-R500H settings

When using in channel mode

By setting a network camera to the home channel in channel mode, you can connect and start playback when the USDP-R500H starts up.

Make the following settings on the USDP-R500H setting screen. 1.1) Set to channel mode in basic settings. 1.2) Register the SRT/RTSP URI of the network camera to the home channel in channel mode. You can register another network camera in addition to the home channel. At this time, it is possible to switch channels with the remote control.

For use with DCM

Using a network camera with DCM allows you to switch on a schedule and use the network camera video in the layout display. Register the SRT/RTSP URI of the network camera as the DCM URI material. Registered content can be used in playlists in the same way as normal video content.


Please use MEDIAEDGE Server series or MEDIAEDGE IP Transponder series when using in the Internet environment .