ANALOG to HDMI/SDI converter

ANALOG to HDMI/SDI converter Up/down conversion/frame rate conversion compatible model

Model number: VPC-MX1

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Converts the input analog/digital video signal to the specified resolution and frame rate, and outputs to SDI and HDMI.
The input analog audio signal can be converted to a digital signal (48KHz) and mixed with the digital video signal.
Input up to 1080p component video, S-video and composite video. (Also used as BNC terminal)
Digital RGB and analog RGB signals up to 3G resolution can be input. (The DVI terminal is also used, and HDMI input is also supported with an optional conversion connector.)
It supports 1/1.001 conversion.
Supports DVI-D, DVI-A, HDMI (using HDMI-DVI conversion connector) input
You can input analog audio signals. (stereo mini jack)
Simultaneous output to 3G/HD/SD-SDI (BNC x 2) and HDMI terminals.
It supports battery drive. (Compatible adapters: V mount adapter, L mount adapter, power tap adapter)
RoHS compliant

Since the input and output clocks of this unit are asynchronous, in principle frames may be duplicated or lost. Ancillary data, etc. cannot be transmitted. Audio data is converted with a sampling rate converter. Also, a delay of up to 2 frames will occur.

Internal structure and connection example

SDI format SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M)
3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M/SMPTE 425M) Level A only
audio input HDMI embedded audio (supports up to 8ch)
, unbalanced analog audio input (stereo minijack, supports 2ch)
sample rate Automatically resample to 48KHz
Recommended SDI cable RG6/RG59 (75Ω)
Cable length (maximum/reference) 3G: 100m of RG6/86m of RG59
HD: 170m of RG6/120m of RG59
SD: 400m of RG6/280m of RG59
*1 RG6: CANARE L-5CFB / RG59: Measured with Belden 9275
*2 Maximum cable length used It varies greatly depending on the performance and quality of the equipment and cable used.
input terminal HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr/CVBS/S-Video
Stereo Audio Line in
*Copy-protected signals (such as Macrovision) cannot be input.
Input connector shape BNC (SDI) x 1
DVI-I (DVI-D + DVI-A) x 1
BNC (YPbPro or S-Video + CVBS) x 3
Phone Jack x 1
output terminal SDI x 2 + 1 x HDMI (the same time)
Output connector shape BNC (SDI) x 2
HDMI x 1
BNC connector 3G 75Ω inter-locked socket
DIP switch Output Format/Audio Source/Input Source
External size 153 (W) × 63.6 (D) × 26 (H) mm *Excluding protrusions
power supply Attached AC adapter: AC100-240V/DC12V 430mA
power consumption 7.4W
temperature conditions Operating temperature range: 0 to 50°C, 20 to 80%RH *No condensation
storage temperature -20 to +60°C
SDI/HDMI output resolution 720×480 i60, 59.94/720×576 i50/
1280×720 p60, p59.94, p50/
1920×1080 i60, i59.94, i50, p60, p59.94, p50, p30,
p29.97, p25, p24, p23.98
input resolution 720×480 i60, p60/720×576 i50, p50/
1280×720 p60, p50/
1920×1080 i60, i50, p24, p25, p30, p60, p50/
640×350 p85/640×400 p85/720× 400 p85/
640×480 p60, p72, p75, p85/
800×600 p56, p60, p72, p75, p85/
848×480 p60/
1024×768 p50, p59, p60, p70, p75, p85/
1152×864 p70, 75/1280×768 pRB, p60, p75, p85/
1280×800 p60, p75, p85/1280×960 p60, p75, p85/
1280×1024 p60, p75, p85/1360×768 p60/
1366×768 p50, p60/1400×1050 p50, p59, p60, p75/
1440×900 p60, p75, p85/
1600×1200 p50, p59, p60, pRB/
1680×1050 pRB, p60/1920×1200 pRB/
2048×1052 p60/2048×1080 p50, p59, p60

front panel

①SDI output 1.2 Connect an SDI display
②HDI output terminal Connect an HDMI display/recorder, etc.
③ LEDs Displays the selected video input interface/audio input source.
④ DIP switch Used for device settings.
⑤Power connector Power supply (using the included AC adapter)

rear panel

①Stereo mini jack Input analog audio signal
Component (YPbPr), CVBS, S-Video input Component, CVBS, S-Video input terminal
③HDMI/DVI-D/DVI-A input HDMI (using I HDMI-DVI conversion connector), DVI-D, DVI-A input terminal

side panel

①USB connector Used for firmware update

Internal structure and connection example

Display the display of a PC or notebook PC on a large screen display. Converts and displays a PC with only a VGA/D-SUB15 terminal to HDMI.

operating instructions

VPC-MX1 Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual/Video Pro

driver etc.

VPC-MX1 firmware

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Box Center (for all series)

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Box Center (Supports VideoPro2 series)

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Delivery specification

VPC-MX1 delivery specification

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