SDI to HDMI converter with timecode display function

High quality, low price and multifunctional. A compact converter that incorporates many requests.

Model number: VPC-SH3STD-TC

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Discerning video conversion display converter born from the field principle

This is a mini-converter that composites and displays SDI signal video and time code information with HDMI signals.
You can check the time code and video on a general TV monitor. Being able to use an inexpensive and lightweight monitor is extremely convenient for use at live broadcast sites and filming sites.
The VideoPro series is a converter that is very resistant to “heat”. Reliable and stable operation even in harsh on-site environments. In addition, the power connector has a metal screw mechanism to prevent it from coming off and improves durability, and the settings can be changed by operating the buttons on the main unit.
*RoHS compliant

Time code display function

The time code embedded in the SDI signal or the time code of the LTC input can be superimposed on the video and output via HDMI. Supports matte display (Fig. 1) and edge display (Fig. 2) under the timecode.

Audio level meter display function

Audio level meters can be displayed on the left and right of the image

Safe area display function

90% and 93% safety zone frames can be displayed on the video

LTC input

LTC timecode or LTC input timecode can be superimposed on video and output via HDMI

Audio channel selection function

Select 2 channels from 8 audio channels and output to HDMI

Robust design resistant to “heat”

Realizes stable operation in the summer due to low self-heating and high efficiency of heat dissipation from the housing.

Discerning metal connector

The power supply and BNC connectors are fixed to the main unit and are designed to withstand the stress of repeated use. We are pursuing operability and practicality in the field where it is actually used, such as the mechanism for retaining the HDMI cable and DC jack.

High quality SDI to HDMI conversion function

Both the signal level in the upper row and the vector scope in the lower row are exactly the same, and you can see that the conversion between SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI has been performed correctly. It may be taken for granted because it is digital, but it is surprisingly deep here, and if it cannot be converted correctly, it cannot be used in the field.

Supported formats for SDI input HD-SDI : 1280x720p59.94/p60
3G-SDI Level A : 1920x1080p59.94/p60/p50
3G-SDI Level B-DL : 1920x1080p59.94/p60/p50
*3G-SDI Level B-DS not compatible with
HDMI output format HD: 1280x720p59.94/p60
3G : 1920x1080p59.94/p60/p50
* Signals in the same format as SDI input are output.
SDI input 3G-SDI Level A Direct image format mapping (SMPTE425M)
3G-SDI Level B-DL SMPTE ST372 Dual Link mapping (SMPTE 425M)
SDI through output Active-through (equalizer/reclock are always enabled)
* Timecode is not displayed due to pass-through output of SDI input.
HDMI input HDMI Ver.1.3a, HDCP not supported, CEC not supported, DeepColor not supported, color space RGB/ YCbCr444/ YCbCr422 switchable
audio input SDI embedded audio (LPCM, Max.8ch, 48kHz)
audio output HDMI embedded audio (LPCM Max.8ch, 48kHz)
I/O delay 2 lines max.
Recommended SDI cable ・RG6 (Equivalent to 5CFB) 75Ω 3G: Maximum 100m / HD: Maximum 170m / SD: Maximum 400m
・RG59 (3C2V equivalent) 75Ω 3G: Maximum 86m / HD: Maximum 120m / SD: Maximum 280m *RG6:CANARE L-5CFB, RG59: Measured with Belden 9275
*The maximum cable length varies greatly depending on the device used and the performance and quality of the cable.
input terminal SDI (75Ω BNC) x 1
output terminal HDMI Type A x 1 SDI LOOP THRU (active through output) (75Ω BNC) x 1
USB connector USB Micro-B x 1
External size 152.64 (W) x 63.6 (D) x 22.5 (H) mm (including bracket)
mass 300g
Power supply (AC adapter power supply) AC adapter: AC 100-240V / DC 12V max 230mA
Power supply (USB power supply) USB bus power +5V max. 550mA
Maximum power consumption 2.75W (including AC adapter)
Operating temperature range 0 to 50°C (no condensation)
Storage temperature range -20 to +60°C

* AC adapter power supply is prioritized for power supply.
・Please note that specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.

operating instructions

VPC-SH3STD-TC Instruction Manual

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VPC-SH3STD-TC delivery specification

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