12G-SDI 4 distribution splitter (distributor)

Model number: VPUS-SS1

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70m extension of 12G-SDI signal

・With a 12G-SDI compatible L-5.5CUHD equivalent cable, it is possible to extend 70m for pathological signals and 80m for color bar signals. ・L-5CFB used for 3G/HD-SDI has been verified up to 60m with pathological/color bar signals.

12G-SDI can be distributed to 4 (reclock is always enabled)

・12G-SDI signal can be reclocked and distributed to 4 ・Supports 4 distribution of 6G-SDI/3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI /DVB-ASI signals

Hirose Electric’s BNC75 series 12G-SDI compatible receptacle is used for the BNC connector.

Detect input format

・Detect input format and display on LED

12V AC adapter power supply

・Stable power supply with AC adapter (USB power supply is not supported)

SDI input 12G-SDI (SMPTE ST2082-1、SMPTE ST2082-10)
6G-SDI (SMPTE ST2081-10)
3G-SDI Level A Direct image format mapping (SMPTE 425M)
3G-SDI Level B-DL SMPTE ST372 Dual Link mapping, (SMPTE 425M)
3G-SDI Level B-DS 2xSMPTE ST292-1(HD-SDI) dual-stream mapping (SMPTE 425M)
SDI through output Active Thru (Equalizer/Reclock always enabled) x 4
I/O delay none
Recommended maximum SDI cable length 12G-SDI (L-5.5CUHD) pathological
   signal: 70m / color bar signal: 80m
   *For L-5CFB (pathological/color bar signal): 60m
6G-SDI (L-5.5CUHD) pathological
   signal: 90m / Color bar signal: 100m
3G-SDI (L-5CFB) pathological
   signal: 150m / Color bar signal:
170m HD-SDI (L-5CFB) pathological
   signal: 220m / Color bar signal: 250m
SD-SDI / DVB- ASI (L – 5CFB) pathological
   signal: 400m / color bar signal: 450m
*Based on the results of verification by connecting our products with a long cable and connecting the front and back to a signal generator and measuring instrument with a 1m cable. (Long setting)
* Pathological (check field) signals are test signals for evaluating analog performance and PLL.
*The maximum cable length varies greatly depending on the device used and the performance and quality of the cable, so please check with the actual device.
input terminal SDI (75Ω 12G-SDI compatible BNC connector) x 1
output terminal SDI (75Ω 12G-SDI compatible BNC connector) x 4
USB connector USB Mini-B x 1
Case SEC
RoHS/RoHS2 correspondence
Size W: 104mm x D: 63.6 x H: 26mm (not including connector, including bracket, not detachable)
weight 208g
Power supply (AC adapter power supply) AC adapter: AC100-240V / DC12V max 246mA
Power supply (USB power supply) incompatible
Maximum power consumption 3.7W (including AC adapter)
Operating temperature and humidity range 0 to 50°C, 20 to 80% RH *No condensation
Storage temperature and humidity range -20 to 60°C, 5 to 90% RH *No condensation
SDI compatible formats SD-SDI: 720x480i59.94, 720x576i50, DVB-ASI
HD-SDI: 1280x720p59.94/p60/p50,
3G-SDI Level A: 1920x1080p59.94/p60/p50
3G-SDI Level B-DL: 1920x1080p59.94/p60/p50
3G-SDI Level B-DS : HD-SDIに同じ
6G-SDI: 3840x2160p23.98/p24/p25/p29.97/p30
12G-SDI:   3840x2160p59/p60/p50
4096×2160 p59/p60/p50

front panel

①SDI output Connect to a device with an SDI input terminal such as a display.

rear panel

①Power jack Connect the included AC adapter.
②Status LED Displays power ON status and SDI input signal format.
③SDI input Connect a device with an SDI output terminal such as a camera.

side panel

①USB Mini-B It is used for firmware upgrade and device setting by connecting to a PC.

Windows utility software for VideoPro 4K series. VPUS-SR1 and VPUS-SS1 are connected to a Windows PC with a USB Mini-B cable. Since it is recognized as an HID device, it can be used without installing a driver, just like the conventional BoxCenter. Please connect only one unit.
Note: VPUS-SR1 and VPUS-SS1 cannot detect the resolution and frame rate of the input format on BoxCenter Pro due to the characteristics of the device used, 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD- It is detected in the form of SDI.

*In the case of the conventional product VPS-SS2, it was possible to display the input resolution and frame rate, but this product only supports format display such as 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD.

・12G-SDI can be extended. ・Evaluated up to 2 stages with a cable equivalent to L-5.5CUHD ・ Recommended distribution up to 16 branches in total of 2 units

*1 It depends on the performance of the connected device, so we recommend checking the connection with a demo machine in advance.

*1 Please evaluate with the actual machine and adjust the cable length because it will be connected to other company’s equipment.

  VideoPro 4K model VideoPro 3 series
USB USB Type-C (VPUC series) USB Mini-B (extender, distributor) USB Micro-B  *The extender has no USB connector
USB power supply incompatible correspondence
Detachable housing flange incompatible correspondence
Scaler framebuffer function Not supported (with simple down converter) Compatible models available
FAN Equipped (VPUC series only) * Fan can be replaced from the side of the main unit, and a maintenance fan module is sold (VPOP-FANA) Not equipped
USB control BoxCenter Pro (for VideoPro 4K model only) BoxCenter
AC adapter (no difference) 12V 1A product lock type (conventional product) Same as left
Rackmount (no difference) VideoPro for MERMKMVP1U-A VideoPro for MERMKMVP1U-A
Status display in distributor/extender BoxCenter 12G/3G/HD/SD display only (hardware limitation) Format/frame rate display

Price/model number

model number JAN code price
VACADP1 4562393848745 3,080 yen (tax included)

operating instructions

VPUS-SS1 Instruction Manual

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driver etc.


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