Recording/playback switching type slow motion server
This product is a slow server that can record 240P video shot with a QDCAM box camera on the memory of the main unit and can display delayed display, slow playback, frame forward / frame rewind display, and file saving. When used with a QDCAM box camera, high-speed photography for sports broadcasting and sports analysis can be done at an affordable price. We design and develop our products in-house so that we can customize them according to your needs.

Model number: ME-QDVS-1000

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Functions of QDVS-1000

In live display, QDCAM images can be displayed with a specified time delay. During playback, it is possible to display slow playback, frame advance, jump, etc. with simple key operations, and you can also record to NAS or USB storage in ProRes422 or H.264.

  • Up to 25 seconds
  • LIVE display
    Delayed display
  • 240FPS
    slow playback
  • Specify In point Out point
  • File output
    MP4 MOV

live display

You can select LIVE display (display the current image as it is) or delay display function (always display the image delayed by a certain number of seconds) by setting.

Record/live video mode records up to 25 seconds of video in memory.

Records uncompressed 240P video from QDCAM in the internal memory.

The video being recorded in memory can be displayed live or delayed by a set time.

In playback mode, the video recorded in memory is played back by key operation.

slow play


240P uncompressed video can be played back in slow motion at 1/4x speed.

1x, 1/2x playback speed. It can be freely set to 1/4 times, 1/8 times, and 1.16 times.

slow playBy inputting the video of the QDCAM box camera to QDVS, you can play slow motion on the spot. Using slow-motion playback, it is possible to check the player’s performance and give appropriate advice from the coach.

Frame-by-frame forward/backward support


It is possible to pause, frame-by-frame forwarding and frame-rewinding by key operation, and the acceleration function allows you to quickly find the screen you need.

Repeated playback is possible by specifying IN and OUT points.

During playback, you can pause, frame-by-frame, frame-by-frame reverse.

Since there is a frame advance acceleration function, you can quickly display the desired place.

play mode

Operation can be set by setting.

Starts slow playback when recording stops.

Repeat slow playback.

When slow playback ends, recording mode is automatically activated.

File output function


Images recorded in memory can be output to files in ProRes422 or H.264.

You can use the USB storage connected to the main unit or NAS as the file output destination.

You can specify the range to be written to the file using IN and OUT points.


External size 200(W) × 250(D) × 78(H) mm *Not including protrusions.
mass 1.91kg
Power-supply voltage Input: AC 100V~240V (50Hz/60Hz) 2.5A (max)
Output: DC 19.5V 9.23A
Input: DC 19.5V 9.23A
Normal operation: 60W
temperature conditions 0℃~50℃
humidity conditions 10 to 90% RH (no condensation)
LAN port 1000Base-TX x 1
Conforms to Ethernet/IEEE802.3 frame format
RJ45 modular connector
video audio
Video output HDMI 2.0
general purpose input/output
USB USB3.0 compliant
USB Type A x 2 (front)
USB 2.0 compliant
USB Type A x 2 (front) x 4 (rear)

Operation to save recorded data to USB memory or USB storage

Operation to save to USB

Operation to store recorded data on NAS

Operation to save to NAS

QDVS-1000 Quick Manual

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QDVS-1000 User Manual

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Delivery specification

QDVS-1000 delivery specification

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