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Model number: HDMA-4000SYNCH160-BP

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Frame synchronized playback of multiple units is possible

It supports GenLock and can synchronize multiple HDMA-4000Sync. Environments such as multi-screen display and 3D image display can be easily constructed.
* Synchronous playback requires sync signal input and playback control via an external device such as RS-232C or network.

Accumulation and playback of high-definition content on the built-in HDD

Display video content such as H.264 and MPEG-2 on a connected TV. Various formats can be played from SD to HD (1080 59.94i/720 59.94p). The built-in HDD can store about 20 hours of high-definition video (at MPEG2 16Mbps). Since it is not affected by network conditions, stable playback is possible for a long time.

Schedule playback, video on demand, etc.

You can perform scheduled playback by specifying the date and time, playback by control from a device connected via RS-232C, and content selection and playback by remote control (video on demand). Kanji characters can also be used for content names, making it easy to imagine the contents of the video and make selections easier.

Update via network or USB memory

During schedule playback, schedule settings and changes can be made without stopping distribution. The seamless playback function makes the content seamless. You can distribute and manage multiple channels.

Supports power control by UPS

It is compatible with Omron UPS, and by connecting the UPS without performing power shutdown processing, the power OFF processing can be automatically executed.
Operation verified UPS: BX35F / BX50F

External control possible

Playback can be controlled via RS-232C. In addition, some of Pioneer’s commercial DVD/LD compatible commands are supported, making it easy to replace existing environments or upgrade to high-definition environments.

Supported formats MPEG-2 (up to 40Mbps)
MPEG-1 Audio Layer2
Dolby Digital
MPEG-2 Transport Stream (m2t)
MPEG-2 Program Stream (m2p)
video output SD: 480/60i (NTSC), 576/50i (PAL)
HD: 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 720/59.94p, 720/50p
SD: Pin Jack (Composite) x 1
BNC (Component 1 system: Y/Pb/Pr),
HD: BNC (Component 1 system: Y/Pb/Pr),
(SD and HD component terminals are common) DVI-D terminal , S-video terminal
analog audio output Stereo line output (unbalanced)
Pin jack output (1 stereo)
digital audio output SPDIF coaxial
Pin jack x 1
Storage (standard specification) 160GB
general purpose input/output RS-232C (DSUB 9-pin male) x 1
USB terminal USB 2.0 compliant (type A) x 1
infrared wireless remote control Infrared receiver x 1
Network I/F 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T, Ethernet/IEEE802.3 frame format compliant
, auto-negotiation supported, full-duplex supported
RJ45 modular connector x 1
External sync input BlackBurst: NTSC (59.94i), PAL (50i)
Tri-level Sync: 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i
BNC terminal x 1 (internal 75Ω termination)
Power-supply voltage Input: AC 100V-240V (50Hz/60Hz)
Output: DC 12V 3A (max)
Input: DC 12V 2.9A (max)
External size 215.4 (W) × 264.4 (D) × 44.0 (H) mm *Excluding protrusions
mass about 2 kg
Operating temperature range 5 to 40°C (no condensation)

*Compatible with Adobe Flash 7. Requires Display Content Manager. Also, Adobe Flash playback is limited.

List of supported commands (HDMA-4000 Ver.2.0 or later, HDMA-4100)

command Mnemonic content
Reject (adg) RJ HDD rotation stop
Start SA Start HDD (Playback is possible without Start)
Play (adrs) PL Start playing, stop at (adrs)
Play PL Start playing, return immediately
Pause PA Pause while the image is displayed
Still ST Pause while the image is displayed
Search adrs SE Pause while displaying the specified address position
Search & Play adrs SL Play from specified address position
Stop Marker adrs SM Set stop marker at specified address
Clear CL Autoplay mode, cancel stop marker
Frame FR Set address mode to frame. Error if there is no conversion file
Time TMs Set address mode to time. Error if there is no conversion file
Chapter CH Chapter address mode
Title TI set address mode to title
Select Audio arg AU Audio settings (only mute supported)
Select Audio arg AD Audio settings (only mute supported)
Key Lock arg KL Setting whether to enable or disable operation by remote control, etc.
Repeat Mode RM enter repeat mode
Chapter Skip arg SK Move chapter forward/backward/to the beginning
P-Block Number Request ?A return current position
Title Number Request ?R Returns the title number of the current position
Chapter Number Request ?C Returns the chapter number at the current position
Total Frame Request ?Y Returns the frame number of the title being played
Return IP Address ?I return IP address
Real Time Clock Set WW time setting
Advanced Setup arg MS Set repeat mode (other settings are invalid)
Player Active Mode Request ?P returns the current operating mode
Player Model Name Request ?X returns HDMA-4000
Real Time Clock Request ?W return time
Advanced Setup Request ?S Returns the value set in MS
Error Code Request ?E return last returned error code
Return Firmware Version ?Z Returns HDMA-4000 version

Proprietary extended commands (HDMA-4000 Ver.2.0 or later, HDMA-4100)

command Mnemonic content
Stop SO stop playing
Volume arg VO Volume setting
Volume Left arg VL Volume (left) setting
Volume Right arg VR Volume (right) setting
Mode argPO mode control
Power off arg POFF Power off (99POFF reboots)
Change root CR Change content root folder
Change drive CDs Change the drive to search for content
?O return volume settings
?L number of contents
?U Number of synchronous lists (communicable/total number) HDMA-4000Sync only
arg RX Advanced settings
$X Extended setting read

arg: Argument
adrs: Address (can be omitted if parenthesized)

Rackmount Kit ME-RMK-1UH-A
model number JAN code price
MERMK1UH-A 4562393849155 7,150 yen (tax included)

This product cannot use the 2-unit horizontal rack mount kit “ME-RMK-W1UH” due to the exhaust structure of the main unit.

operating instructions

HDMA-4000Sync Owner’s Manual

Instruction manual/MEDIAEDGE

delivery specifications

HDMA-4000Sync delivery specification

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