Video display device Network decoder/player

Model number: ME-DPSTD

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This is a cloud-compatible high-definition player/decoder that can update content and schedules via network. Ideal for displaying digital signage, VOD, and live video, it consumes less power than a PC, achieves high stability, and is easy to operate.

3 types that can be selected according to the application

Standard model

In addition to streaming video in real time, this model can play back up to 32GB of content by inserting an SD card (*). This model is recommended for those who mainly use streaming playback.
* About SD card: SDHC specification (up to 32GB) CLASS10 is recommended.
We have confirmed the operation of Panasonic, Toshiba, and SanDisk products.

Built-in SSD model

This model has a built-in 256GB SSD. It also supports streaming reception. Compared to the built-in HDD model, the drive system parts are reduced in exchange for less capacity, so the reliability is higher.

From October 2019, the disk capacity of the SSD built-in model has been changed from 180GB to 256GB.

HDD built-in model

This is a model with a built-in large capacity 500GB HDD. It also supports streaming reception. This model is recommended when you need to use a lot of content at once.

Choose from 2 types of output

With MEDIAEDGE Decoder, you can choose HD video output from “SDI” and “HDMI” according to your purpose.
We recommend the SDI model if you want to connect to professional video equipment or use a long distance cable, and the HDMI model if you want to connect directly to a consumer TV.

Other features

HTML5 ready

Equipped with an HTML5 compatible browser. With MEDIAEDGE Decoder, you can use a web page written in HTML5 as one of the contents to display video.


The layout display of the MEDIAEDGE Decoder is performed by the method recommended by the W3C standard called SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language). Content such as videos, still images, and HTML5 can be combined and displayed on a single screen.

Live video reception

Live video can be sent over the network, received and displayed. Since events such as concerts, parliamentary meetings, sports, and fireworks displays can be relayed to remote locations, they can be used for public viewing to remote locations or live broadcasts within the company.

VOD (video on demand) playback

Supports VOD playback that displays built-in content and content saved on the server in a menu and selects and plays it. It can be used for the VOD service that allows you to play back the video library of the library and view the training materials at any time.


It can be used as a display device for digital signage (information boards/digital signage) at airports, stations, highways, city halls, shopping malls, etc. Since content updates are done via the network, content management can also be done remotely.

Schedule playback

You can schedule playback of content such as videos, still images, and HTML5. Enjoy seamless playback and even mix SD/HD content. It can be used for street vision and independent broadcasting in condominiums.

channel playback

You can switch channels and watch content just like you would on a TV. Supports both streaming playback from the server and playback of built-in content.

low power consumption

The maximum power consumption is only 20W. Power consumption can be greatly reduced when compared to PC-based playback devices.

external control

You can control the player from a tablet, computer, etc. Ideal for library screenings in condominium galleries, museums, and art galleries. Unmanned operation is also possible by combining with a motion sensor.

Supports both streaming and playback!

A multifunctional decoder that supports both streaming playback from the network and file playback from the built-in media.

It can also be used as a signage player that combines HTML5, SMIL, still images and videos. You can also display RSS and text as telops.

Supports live video reception by combining with our encoder. Devices for encoding distribution, storage, distribution, and decoding display can all be made by the same manufacturer.

Decoder control by remote control or RS-232C is supported. You can also control devices connected via RS-232C or HDMI.

Stable operation is achieved by hardware specially designed as a decoder. The firmware is also designed in-house in Japan, so you can use it with confidence.

Corresponding server MEDIAEDGE Server
Corresponding live encoder box MEDIAEDGE LEB4/LEB Pro/LEB Pro2/LEB Express/LEB Express2
Supported video formats SD/HD: MPEG-2 (maximum 35Mbps), H.264 (maximum 24Mbps), one of which can be played (up to 1920 x 1080 59.94i)
MPEG-1 Audio Layer2/Dolby Digital/MPEG-2 AAC-LC/MPEG-4 AAC-LC
MPEG-2 Transport Stream (m2t) MPEG-2 Program Stream (m2p)
Signage function 1 sheet (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, max. 2000 x 2000 dots)
1 (WAV, MP3) exclusive with video
1 (Text/RSS)
1 sheet HTML5 compliant
Subset of SMIL2.0
Video output terminal Type A, 19 pin x 1 *Only one of HDMI and SDI depending on the model *HDMI 1.3 compatible (HDCP not compatible)
BNC (3G/HD-SDI shared output) x 2 *Only one of HDMI or SDI depending on the model
Pin jack x 1
Supported video output resolution 1920×1080/59.94p , 1920×1080/50p , 1920×1080/23.98p ,1920×1080/59.94i , 1920×1080/50i , 1280×720/59.94p ,1280×720/50p , 720×480/59.94p , 720×576/50p , 640×480/59.94p
1920×1080/59.94p,1920×1080/50p , 1920×1080/23.98p ,1920×1080/59.94i , 1920×1080/50i , 1280×720/59.94p , 1280×720/50p
720×480/59.94i(NTSC) , 720×576/50i(PAL)
Audio output terminal Pin jack (stereo line output, unbalanced) 1 system
Pin jack (supports coaxial S/PDIF, Dolby Digital 5.1ch bitstream output), superimposed on SDI or HDMI output (SDI is 2ch only)
general purpose input/output RS-232C (DSUB 9-pin male) x 1
USB terminal USB 2.0 compliant (type A) x 2
infrared wireless remote control Infrared receiver x 1
Network I/F RJ-45 modular connector (100Base-TX, 1000Base-T, Ethernet/IEEE802.3 frame format compliant, auto-negotiation compatible, full-duplex compatible)
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compliant (2.4/5GHz) – single stream
AC adapter Input: AC 100V~240V (50Hz/60Hz) Output: DC 12V 3A (max)
Maximum power consumption 19.8W
External size 200 (W) x 166.5 (D) x 41 (H) mm *Excluding protrusions
Mass (body only) STD model about 1.0kg / Other models about 1.3kg
Operating temperature range 5 to 40°C (no condensation)

* About SD card: SDHC specification (up to 32GB) CLASS10 is recommended. We have confirmed the operation with Panasonic, Toshiba, SanDisk, and other companies’ products. ・Network camera multicast is not supported.

Supports direct reception of network cameras

With Firmware Ver 6.1.3 or later of MEDIAEDGE Decoder, the network camera compatible function that directly receives video from each company’s network camera is supported. It is possible to receive network camera video directly, decode it smoothly at full frame, and output it from the HDMI or SDI terminal. This will expand the range of video utilization, such as recording video from network cameras with existing systems.

This product supports network cameras that support H.264 streams and ONVIF standards.

Operation confirmed network camera

Manufactured by Panasonic Corporation WV-SF138 / WV-SW598J / WV-SC385 / WV-SC588 / WV-SFN611L(Ver.1.19) / DG-GXE100 / DG-SC385 / DG-SW314(Ver.1.4) / DG-SW395(Ver.1.61) / DG-SPW631LT(Ver.2.43) / BB-SW374 / AW-HE130 / AW-HE70 / AW-HE70SW / AW-HE70SW9(Ver.1.42)
Manufactured by Sony Corporation SNC-VB630 / SNC-WR630(Ver.2.5.0) / SNC-ER580 / SRG-300SE / SNC-WR602( Ver.2.6.6) / SNC-EM632R( Ver.2.5.0) / SNC-WR600( Ver.2.6.6) / SNC-CH210( Ver.1.79.00) / SNC-CH240(Ver.1.85.00) / SNC-XM631( Ver.2.7.0) / SRG-360SHE(ver.
Manufactured by Axis Communications Co., Ltd. Q1615 Mk Ⅱ(Ver.6.25.2) / Q1755 Q1775(Ver.5.85.3) / Q6045-E Q6045-E Mk Ⅱ(Ver.5.70.1) / P1355 / P5512 / P5534 / P7401 / P1365(Ver.5.75.2) / P1365 MK Ⅱ(Ver. / P3045-V(Ver.6.15.4) / P3225-LVE(Ver.6.30.1) / M7016
Manufactured by Canon Inc. VB-H41 / VB-H43 / VB-S900F / VB-H730F(Ver.1.2.0)
Manufactured by D-Link Japan Co., Ltd. DCS-7010L / DCS-5222L
Made by Glasphere Japan Co., Ltd. GJ-IP7286PT / GJ-IP8336PT
BOSCH DINION IP starlight 7000 HD(Ver.

The network camera supports output at 1920 x 1080 60p, but if you use it in combination with the MEDIAEDGE Decoder, please use it with the setting of 1920 x 1080 60i. MEDIAEDGE Decoder does not support decoding streams encoded at 1920×1080 60p.

The operation status changes depending on the version of the camera, so please check when installing.

How to set the network camera

In order to receive the network camera stream on ME-DEC, it is necessary to set the RTSP URI of the camera to ME-DEC.
The RTSP URI differs depending on the network camera used, so please refer to the manual for each camera or contact the manufacturer.
We have confirmed the following settings for cameras that we have verified (there may be differences depending on the individual model number, so please check with the manufacturer if it does not work).

Manufactured by Panasonic Corporation rtsp://[ip address]/MediaInput/h264 rtsp://[ip address]/MediaInput/h264/stream_1 (AW-HE40, AW-HE130, AW-HE40SW) Thank you for your understanding.
Manufactured by Sony Corporation rtsp://[ip address]/media/video1
Manufactured by Axis Communications Co., Ltd. rtsp://[ip address]/axis-media/media.amp or rtsp://ID:PW@[ip address]/axis-media/media.amp
Manufactured by Canon Inc. rtsp://[ip address]/stream/profile1=r
Manufactured by D-Link Japan Co., Ltd. rtsp://[ip address]/live1.sdp
Made by Glasphere Japan Co., Ltd. rtsp://[ID:PW@ip address]:554/h264/ch1/main/av_stream

*If authentication is required, a description such as [user id]:[password]@[ip address] may be required. Please refer to the camera manual for details.

MEDIAEDGE Decoder settings

When using in channel mode

If you set a network camera to the home channel in channel mode, you can connect and start playback when ME-DEC starts up.

Make the following settings on the ME-DEC setting screen. 1.1) Set to channel mode in basic settings. 1.2) Adjust the buffering time on the playback screen (500ms or more is recommended, depending on the camera). 1.3) Register the rtsp URI of the network camera to the home channel in channel mode. You can register another network camera in addition to the home channel. At this time, it is possible to switch channels with the remote control.

For use with DCM

Using network cameras in DCM allows you to switch between schedules and use network camera images in the layout display. Register the rtsp URI of the network camera as the DCM URI material. Registered content can be used in playlists in the same way as normal video content. The settings for ME-DEC are the same as when using regular DCM, but the buffering time should be adjusted for the camera (500ms or more is recommended).


Audio support requires a repeater MEDIAEDGE IP Transponder Mk-I .

Please use MEDIAEDGE Server series or MEDIAEDGE IP Transponder series when using in the Internet environment .

Synchronous playback function of MEDIAEDGE Decoder

With Firmware Ver 6.0.25 or later of MEDIAEDGE Decoder, synchronous playback on multiple devices is now supported. By simultaneously starting all decoders from a paused state, playback can be performed with an error within 1/30 second (1 frame).

MEDIAEDGE Decoder supports synchronous playback in the following two operation modes.

Synchronous playback in serial control mode (partially compatible with Pioneer DVD commands)

Synchronous playback in channel mode (scheduling by DCM)

Synchronous playback compatible models

[Model number] ME-DP500H Standard 500G/HDD model

[Model number] ME-DP256S Standard 180G/256 model

[Model number] ME-DP500H/SDI 500G/HDD model with SDI

[Model number] ME-DP256S/SDI 256G/SSD model with SDI

Synchronized content

video file

Folder containing multiple video files

SMIL playlist with multiple video files

A schedule organized by a SMIL playlist containing multiple video files

Only video files contained in a folder or SMIL playlist will play seamlessly continuously. (The start time and length specified on the SMIL playlist are ignored.)
Synchronous playback cannot be performed on models without a built-in HDD or when using a USB-connected HDD.


Synchronous playback operation always requires network stability, encoding of the video file to be played, and adjustment of length.

Synchronization between units is performed via the network, so all Decoders that perform synchronous playback must be connected to one hub and assigned a fixed IPv4 address.

In order to perform synchronous playback with the MEDIAEDGE Decoder, it is necessary to design an appropriate playback system. If you wish to use this function, please contact us in advance.

DCM Express

About DCM Express

「DCM Express”teeth,10You can manage up to 1 terminal for free “DCMis a free software based on computer1You can install it on the table and use it. (DCMYou cannot use cloud mode or server & client mode supported by . )

DCM Express Feature Comparison Table
Display Content Manager
price 217,800 yen (tax included)
Number of management terminals Unlimited
action mode Standalone cloud server & client mode
support Free support for 1 year
DCM Express
price free
Number of management terminals Below 10 units
action mode Single unit
support None (1 year support available with support option purchase)
DCM Express Support Option (1 year)

Please use it when you want to receive support such as inquiries about installation, settings, etc. when using DCM Express.
[Price] ¥55,000 (tax included)
[Model number] ME-SPO-DCM


just sign

What is a sign

This is a service that allows you to use tweets posted on Twitter as they are for digital signage. Digital signage can be realized easily without the need for complicated operations.
We will always show you the latest tweets, so you don’t have to worry about daily content updates and schedules.

Plans available for MEDIAEDGE Decoder

MEDIAEDGE Decoder has 3 types of plans, including a rental plan that allows you to start signage immediately with a low initial investment.


Rental plan

*Payment by credit card is for 1 month, and payment by bill is for 6 months.
This is a plan to rent everything, including a mediaedge decoder and a sign.
It is ideal for those who want to use signage for the first time and those who want to measure the effect for the time being.
[Initial cost] 22,000 yen/unit
[Monthly fee] 5,500 yen/unit


Purchase plan

This is a plan to buy MEDIAEDGE Decoder.
It is ideal for those who want to use signage for the long term and those who want to keep monthly costs down.
[Decoder standard model] 98,000 yen/unit
[Initial cost] 5,500 yen/unit
[Monthly fee] 3,300 yen/unit


Additional option plan

This plan is for those who already have MEDIAEDGE Decoder and Display Content Manager.
It is ideal for those who want to add SNS-linked signs to the signage they are currently operating.
[Initial cost] 33,000 yen/unit
[Monthly fee] 2,200 yen/unit

Plans available in the USDP series

If you would like to use a signature on the USDP series, please apply for an additional option plan.


Additional option plan

This plan is limited to those who already have a compatible display player (MEDIAEDGE Decoder / USDP series) and Display Content Manager.
It is ideal for those who want to add SNS-linked signs to the signage they are currently operating.
[Initial cost] 33,000 yen/unit
[Monthly fee] 2,200 yen/unit

Please contact us for details.

Click here for the signature page

Option for MEDIAEDGE Decoder

Rack mount kit ME-RMK2-S1UH
model number JAN code price
MERMK2S1UH 4562393849124 17,600 yen (tax included)
Rack mount kit ME-RMK2-W1UH
model number JAN code price
MERMK2W1UH 4562393849070 23,100 yen (tax included)


operating instructions

MEDIAEDGE Decoder Instruction Manual

Instruction manual/MEDIAEDGE

MEDIAEDGE Decoder Web Control Documents & Samples

Instruction manual/MEDIAEDGE

driver etc.

DCM Express application

Driver etc./MEDIAEDGE

MEDIAEDGE Decoder Loop playback tool

Driver etc./MEDIAEDGE

MEDIAEDGE Finder Ver.1.0.1

Driver etc./MEDIAEDGE

ME font

Driver etc./MEDIAEDGE

Delivery specification

MEDIAEDGE Decoder (ME DPSTD/WiFi, 180S/WiFi, 500H/WiFi) Delivery Specifications

Delivery specifications/MEDIAEDGE

MEDIAEDGE Decoder (ME DPSTD/SDI+WiFi, 180S/SDI+WiFi, 500H/SDI+WiFi) Delivery Specifications

Delivery specifications/MEDIAEDGE

MEDIAEDGE Decoder (ME DPSTD/SDI, 180S/SDI, 256S/SDI, 500H/SDI) delivery specifications

Delivery specifications/MEDIAEDGE

MEDIAEDGE Decoder (ME DPSTD, 180S, 256S, 500H) delivery specifications

Delivery specifications/MEDIAEDGE


MEDIAEDGE Decoder Dimensions



MEDIAEDGE Decoder Flyer