HDMI to SDI converter

HDMI to SDI converter Up/down conversion/frame rate conversion compatible model

Model number: VPC-HS3

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Signals input to the HDMI terminal are simultaneously output to two SDI terminals.
It has various conversion functions such as resolution up / down / frame rate / aspect.
SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDILevelA, 3G-SDILevelB signals can be output.
Audio is converted to 48KHz and output by re-sampling function.
Basic settings such as resolution can be set with DIP switches.
Supports USB power supply.
Supports dual power supply with AC adapter and USB power supply.
Detachable mounting bracket.
RoHS compliant

* HDCP (copyright protected) signals cannot be input.
*For advanced settings and firmware updates, a micro USB cable and a PC with Windows must be prepared separately. Also, please note that it is different from the mini USB terminal of the conventional model.

VPC-HS3 is the successor model of VPC-HS2.

SDI output compatible formats SD-SDI: 720x480i59.94, 720x576i50,
HD-SDI: 1280x720p59.94/p60/p50
3G-SDI Level 192p 180×1920 .94/p60/p50
3G-SDI Level B-DL : 1920x1080p59.94/p60/p50
*Select 3G-SDI Level A and Level B-DL in BoxCenter
*3G-SDI Level B-DS 2xSMPTE ST292 -1 (HD-SDI)
dual-stream mapping not supported
HDMI input format SD: 720x480i59.94, 720X576I50,   720x480P59.94
/P60, 720X576P50,
HD: 1280x720P59.94/P60/ P50
, 1920X1080I59.94/I50/I50/I50, 1920X1080P23/P23/P23/P23/P23/P23/P23/P23/P238 1920x1080p59.94/p60/p50640x350p85, 640x400p85, 640x480p59.94/p60/p72/p75/p85
720x400p85, 800x600p56/p60/p72/p75/p85
1024x768p60/p70/p75/p85, 1152x864p70/p75,
1280x768p75/p85, 1280x800p60, 1280x960p60/p75/p85
1280x1024p60 /p75/p85, 1360x768p60, 1366x768p60
1400x1050p50/p60/p75, 1600x1200p50/p60, 1680x1050p60, 1920x1200RBp
*RBp is VESA CVT Reduced Blanking timings.
Formats compatible with Pass Through mode SD : 720x480i59.94, 720x576i50,
HD: 1280x720p59.94/p60/p50,
1920x1080p23.98/p24/p25/p29.97/p30, 3G2x190/p594
Level A : 190 p50
3G Level B-DL : 1920x1080p59.94/p60/p50
*The scaler is bypassed in Pass Through mode
*OSD display is not supported
*Maximum delay is 2 lines
HDMI input HDMI Ver.1.3a, HDCP not supported, CEC not supported, DeepColor not supported, color space RGB/
YCbCr444/ YCbCr422 supported
SDI output 3G-SDI Level A Direct image format mapping (SMPTE 425M)
3G-SDI Level B-DL SMPTE ST372 Dual Link mapping (SMPTE 425M)
audio input HDMI embedded audio (LPCM, Max.8ch, sampling frequency 32 to 192kHz
*resampled to 48kHz)
audio output SDI embedded audio (LPCM Max.8ch, 48kHz)
I/O delay Scaler mode: up to 2 frames.
Pass Through mode: 2 lines maximum
Recommended SDI cable RG6 (equivalent to 5CFB) 75Ω 3G: Max. 100m / HD: Max. 170m / SD: Max. 400m
RG59 (3C2V equivalent) 75Ω 3G: Max. 86m / HD: Max. 120m / SD: Max
. 5CFB, RG59: Measured with Belden 9275
*The maximum cable length varies greatly depending on the equipment used and the performance and quality of the cable.
input terminal HDMI TYPE A x 1
output terminal SDI (75Ω BNC) x 2
USB connector USB Micro-B x 1
DIP switch 8bit (Control/Audio Mute/3G Level/Pass Thru/Video Format)
External size 63.6 (W) x 103.6 (D) x 22.5 (H) mm (including bracket)
mass 192g
Power supply (AC adapter power supply) AC adapter: AC100-240V / DC12V max 230mA
Power supply (USB power supply) USB bus power +5V Max 480mA
Maximum power consumption 3.27W (including AC adapter)
temperature conditions Operating temperature range: 0 to 50°C *No condensation
storage temperature -20 to +60°C

* AC adapter power supply is prioritized for power supply.

front panel

①SDI output connector Converted SDI signal is output. Both connectors output the same signal.
② Power jack Connect the included AC adapter.
③USB microB connector It is used for firmware upgrade and device setting by connecting to a PC. In addition, power can be supplied by USB 5V bus power.
④Screw hole for USB cable clamp Attach the included cable clamp to prevent the USB cable from coming off.

rear panel

①LEDs Displays the device/SDI input signal status.
② DIP switch Make various settings.
③SDI input connector Input the SDI signal to be converted.
④Screw hole for HDMI cable clamp Attach the supplied cable clamp to prevent the HDMI cable from coming off.

side panel

(1) Chassis bracket It is a bracket metal fitting for housing fixing, and it can be removed.


Product configuration/model number

Price/model number

model number JAN code price
VPC-HS3 4562393848370 37,400 yen (tax included)

Product configuration

●VPC-HS3 main unit x1 ●Instruction manual x1 ●Dedicated AC adapter (Japanese specification) x1 ●Bracket x2 (included with main unit) ●Cable clamp x2 (for HDMI and USB cables)

operating instructions

VPC-HS3 Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual/Video Pro

driver etc.

VPC-HS3 firmware

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Box Center (for all series)

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Delivery specification

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